GKI Report: Report about violent incidents in Papua between May and June 2012

JPIC Desk, GKI di Tanah Papua

Several violent incidents and shoot outs have occurred almost every day during the last three weeks. Some of the shoot outs have been committed by unknown perpetrators, whereas for some incidents the perpetrators have been found. JPIC has collected, investigated and analyzed several cases, which are described below.

Cases Covered include:

  • A. Mysterious Shootings and Violence against Civilians in May 2012
    • 1. Security Forces attack civilians with firearms at Degeuwo (15.05.2012)
  • B. Incidents related to KNPB Demonstrations
    • 1. Yesa Mirin tortured and killed after escalations at Kampung Harapan (04.05. 2012)
    • 2. Death of Fanuel Tablo
    • 3. Sweeping Operations at Sentani
  • C. Mysterious Shootings and Violence against Civilians in June
    • Brutal Acts of Retaliation by the TNI Batalyon 756 at Wamena (06.06.2012)

For the full report, please download or read the embedded pdf below.

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  1. These killings by “an unknown group” seems to be the old policy by the security forces to try to create a horizontal conflict between indigenous Papuans and migrants and between Christians and Muslims as in Ambon in 1999. Such a conflict would result in a general demand for more security forces. However, with this GKI Report it is quite clear who are the hidden brains behind all these killings. It is the Government of the Republic of Indonesia should do everything possible to bring the perpetrators and the masterminds to justice or to face the allegation of being an accomplice to the killings. .

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