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Flag-flying across West Papua planned for 1 July; Police are ready to respond

Bintang Papua, 26 June 2012

The OPM has announced that it intends to fly the Morning Star flag on July 1, the anniversary of the creation of the TPN, the military wing of the OPM. The flag flying across the territory of West Papua will be accompanied by a fireworks display.

The announcement was made by Lambert Pekikir, general coordinator of  the TPN/OPM from his base, Victoria, on the border between West Papua and PNG. He said that troops of the TPN are preparing themselves for the flag-flying which will continue from 1 – 3 July. The OPM will also read out a statement which says among other things that the UN must accept responsibility for all the violations that have occurred in West Papua.

He also said that civilians throughout the territory, Papuans as well as non-Papuans,  are advised to stay at home so as to avoid any unnecessary things from happening.

In response to the flag-flying plans, the police force in Papua have announced that they are making preparations for this,  and will do everything possible to ensure that no Morning Star flags are flown. A spokesman said that Papuans should not play round with the flag, like children flying kites. The police say that they will take the persuasive approach  and have no intention of using firearms in anticipation of the flag-flying. Police spokesman, AKBP Yohannes Nugroho Wicaksono, appealed to  those groups who intend to flag the flag not to do so.

The police chief has issued an order for no flags to be flown but if any flags are nevertheless flown, they will be pulled down without the use of violence. He also said that in advance of 1 July,  there will be sweepings  [of people’s homes] and patrols by the police will be intensified.

[Translated by TAPOL]

KNPB members will surrender to Indon police in challenge on OTK shootings


Jayapura: Victor Yeimo, the international spokesperson of the KNPB, the  National Committee of West Papua. has announced that members of the KNPB will soon be surrendering enmasse to the police in Papua.  He said that they are absolutely convinced that  the series of violent actions that have occurred in Jayapura  were nothing to do with the KNPB. He said that the series of shootings and acts of violence were part of a big scenario  the mastermind of which is not yet known.

This is why the KNPB has decided to put pressure on the police  to investigate these incidents that were the work of  ‘mysterious ‘ or unknown people {referred to now across Papua by the acronym “OTK”: Orang Terlatih Khusus or Specially Trained People – WPM}. ‘The police need to investigate this As yet, they have not be able to say who was responsible and have not made any arrests. The KNPB suspects hat this is all part of a huge scenario by the state authorities  which has quite deliberately been stirred up by the police and the military,’ said Yeimo

With regard to the shooting of Mako Tabuni, this was a violation of the law of the land. ‘If the state has respect for human beings the case of Mako would have been handled according to due process, and not resulted in loss of life.’

He went on to say that the shooting of Mako Tabuni is clear evidence that the law here in this country does not side with the  Papuan people. There are no grounds whatever for allegations that the KNPB was responsible. Such activities are not part of the policy of the KNPB which has from the very start declared its  intention to struggle along with the Papuan people in accordance with the principle  of respect for human life  and has totally rejected the path of violence.

This is why all members of the KNPB will gather together and surrender to the police. The KNPB is not a terrorist organisation. If it were to be proven that someone from the KNPB  was indeed involved, this would be in order to stigmatize the organisation which  is waging  a struggle for independence and for a referendum. ‘This is why we will be surrendering in the near future,’ he said, without mentioning any date.

[Translated by TAPOL]