WestPapuaMedia still needs your help for behind the scenes hard work despite publishing break. Also looking for extra folks to help with editorial.

Dear Friends of WestPapuaMedia –

We have been asked many times recently why we are not publishing and the explanation of course is here: https://westpapuamedia.info/2016/09/22/westpapuamedia-twitter-feed-sticky-post/

But in short, we cannot publish because we cannot ethically provide our crew on the ground with the support needed to keep them safe and in contingency should they come under threat.  WestPapuaMedia also simply does not currently have the personnel free at the moment due to critical background journalism support work we are doing.

That said, we do wish to be able to cover critical developments still, and still provide a voice to those people who need it.  WestPapuaMedia is urgently looking for some more volunteers to take on the following roles

  • translation from Indonesian into English, and from English to Indonesian (with technical language capacity);
  • Editorial roles for continued publication of our partner content over the next few months, cooperation with livemonitoring teams for major mobilisations leading up to December 1, as well as a few basic articles of major breaking news (no investigations until we relaunch in late January 2017 unless you wish to do them).

We require folks with a commitment to high journalistic standards, accuracy and ethical publishing.  If you can help, please visit westpapuamedia.info/contact and get in touch with us.

WPM needs your help as the current team is flat out developing secure tools, apps and training/tutorial resources to assist frontline and citizen journalists, with much of this needed before December 1, and of course our major work, Project FiveARM Secure Crisis Field Reporting Tool https://fivearm.isafemojo.press (we have been awarded a small grant by the Walkley Grants for Innovation in Journalism, but we cannot use any of that funding for WPM work).

However as ever, WestPapuaMedia needs your help in staving off an existential need also.  Prior to a major crowdfunding campaign in coming weeks for the new WestPapua.Media portal for 2017  – which is going to allow for much wider involvement for credible reportage than currently is the case  – we still must pay for the bills even though we are in effective suspension.  We have close to A$1800 in urgent costs coming up over the next few weeks, for the following costs – all before we can launch the 2017 campaign:

  • yearly server costs,
  • secure shareroom, file hosting and upload costs,
  • WordPress hosting costs
  • FTP costs
  • Domain registration costs,
  • as well as site mirroring and anti-DDOS requirements that need to be paid for.
  • As well as projected transition costs (that we will be crowdfunding for) for the new portal, which we are projecting to cost at least A$7000, plus the secure smartphone and camera support for our crew on the ground ($1500 per journalist per year).

As we are still getting over 5-800 hits a day on archived articles, we know that WestPapuaMedia still proving very useful for researchers and for background investigations.  But we rely entire on your support for survival, and even though you cannot see how hard we are working – you will see it shortly as we release testing and new tools and tutorials.

If you can assist us achieving these goals, then your support will be greatly appreciated, and will enable safety support for frontline journalists to be developed much faster (we have significant costs in testing these tools). 

New Volunteers in the project are very welcome, and we will be re-requesting individually those wonderful folks who have worked with us in the past as we would LOVE to hear from you again.  If you would like to be involved, please drop us a line via the options at https://westpapuamedia.info/contact

Donations are sorely needed at westpapuamedia.info/donate, where you can contribute via paypal (also directly via https://www.paypal.me/donate2WPMedia ), via bitcoin (Bitcoins are very much-needed for secure payments), or directly to our bank account (which also accepts Western Union payments if you are outside Australia).

We hope to see your ongoing support.

with much thanks and solidarity.

Nick Chesterfield, Coordinating Editor, on behalf of the entire WestPapuaMedia team, past and present

2 thoughts on “WestPapuaMedia still needs your help for behind the scenes hard work despite publishing break. Also looking for extra folks to help with editorial.

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  1. Nick, take a look at oximity.com as an aide in translating articles. They are developing dictionaries for working between 200 languages. I have not checked, but would 3xpect Indonesian to be one of those languages. And, translating into English and back is always more available and of higher quality. If this looks useful, any writer may invite and authorize any other writer. Interpress service and Video Volunteers and Global Voices also have an Oximity presence, which is an internetworking site. Take a look as a reader and let me know.

    Wish we had funding already, and am working with the MS Swaminathan Research Foundation experts to develop some donor base for Democracy Watch News. Once we do that, we can cover costs for safeguarding you so you or another might provide a couple of reports per year via our Asia-Pacific Maestro Conferences.

    Peace, and take a look at The Independent in Labrador, and take heart, lots of excellent work being done by new journalism for much the same issues.



    1. Deadly, we shall do. Though for what we require automatic translation can be very very dangerous, which is why we require humans, so this is a good option. But we also require source material to be translated, which cannot be on the open net.

      And thanks for your ongoing supported. I’ll have more of a yarn with you soon. NC

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