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Dear Colleagues, and friends of West Papua
As the situation intensifies daily in West Papua with human rights abuses and civil resistance on the rise, West Papua Media is being swamped with credible evidence, reports and documents from West Papua.  However to get the situation effectively noticed internationally, and in time for the international media cycle, we need high quality high-speed translators to collaborate to ensure this information is presented in English for international consumption.

We have an established translation pool, now utilising new secure collaborative online technology, but sadly many of our original translators have lost interest or commitment to caring enough for West Papua to assist in practical translation work.  Translations are not easy, they are demanding, and the content is often distressing.  But this work should be shared, and should not rightly be taken on my just a handful of committed people all the time.

We also have a number of people who have traditionally been the mainstays of translation for the West Papua movement for many years, but the burden on them is beginning to be unsustainable, and it is unfair.

So we need some help people.  West Papua Media is requesting anyone with the skills to translate Bahasa Indonesia to English (and vice versa) to immediately contact us, with an outline of the time commitment you can provide.  If we can get enough people internationally to assist in real-time translations – and this is the core of the project – then there is nothing that the Indonesian security forces can get away with in Papua because the world will know very, very quickly.  This is at the heart of protective human rights journalism – it plays not just a protective role, but a preventative one.

But we need your help.  If you care about the situation facing West Papuan people today, and you have the language skills to make a difference, you really have a deep moral duty to assist.  Please get in contact with us at to offer your services.

And of course, none of our work can function without donations from caring individuals too, especially those who do not think they have the requisite skills for practical solidarity.  We are still seeking sponsorship to train more journalists in Safe Witness Journalism, and to equip citizen media with equipment to help them get evidence out international in real time.  ut this is not cheap, and so far people’s pockets have been quite closed (those that have helped are obviously thanked.)  Help us train journos (A$3500 per 3 week workshop) and help us equip them ($3500 again for a full VJ kit).  You can of course donate by visiting this link, where there are many options to donate.  Donations above certain amounts will be publicly acknowledged if that is the wish of the donor.

With the hope for helping the voiceless roar,

Nick Chesterfield
West Papua Media

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  1. I have sent an email to offer my services as a volunteer translator. Look forward to your reply 🙂

  2. Hi,
    Try to connect with – a global NGO supporting human rights, environment, and more. They should launch a campaign for Papua.

    While backpacking ini Irian Jaya 23 years ago, I met a journalist in the post office of Wamena who feared talking to me, and he wrote on a paper “West Papua Movement” and burned the paper immediately. I am shocked to see that little has really improved and that many Papu are still being in such human right terrible trouble.

    Nikki S

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