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This page is under review and Update ahead of the 2021 WPM2.0 Restart – Please check back soon or donate directly to in order to get us rolling.

As the hype dies down around the Indonesian government’s discredited claim to “end to the ban” on foreign journalists visiting West Papua, never before has there been a more important time to support practical measures to protect media freedom and Freedom of Expression in West Papua.  This is doubly important now that security in West Papua reportedly has been handed over to the Indonesian secret service BIN, notorious for its involvement in disappearances and killing of human rights defenders and journalists

Beyond 2019, West Papua Media will be intensifying efforts to support our network of frontline clandestine journalists, source networks and partners in West Papua, with training and supply for secure communications and documentation capabilities, including with the continued project to test and supply secure smartphones to frontline story gatherers, so that they are able to report from the field without being arrested or killed for it.

We urgently need your support for daily and long term work.


This page is under update, ahead of our Patreon launch for the WPM2.0 2021 Restart.)

Please donate directly to us below via Bitcoin or via several methods below.

If required, for sponsorship above a certain value, we are happy to provide your organisation with a full rundown of West Papua Media’s plans and operations for 2012 and beyond.

(This page is under update, ahead of our Patreon launch for the WPM2.0 2021 Restart.)

There are several options in which supporters can assist us (2021):

  • A donation of $4000 would provide three weeks of extensive training for one West Papuan journalist in Safe Witness Journalism, including airfares, lodging and course materials;
  • $3500 would provide communications support for five of our journalists and stringers on the ground for up to three months of intensive monitoring across civil resistance mobilisations.
  • $3000 could provide the support for one journalist to enter into a closed military area to report on security force abuses, and bring the story to the world.
  • $3000 could provide a secured Librem laptop, a smartphone, 4g access, and a digital camera for one journalist on the ground in West Papua.
  • $2000 could provide the West Papua Media Editorial team for communications costs for three months.

Donations of $500 or more (for an organization) or $100 or more (for an individual) would be acknowledged on this page, and if so chosen.

To make a donation, pleaseus for our Secure Donation Facility (via LiberaPay), or please contact Nick on +61(0)498239869 or westpapuamedia_eds (@) protonmail dot ch for bank details.

Never before has there been such a simple and strategic opportunity to contribute to the freedom of a people, and build the fundamental foundation of a democratic society – a free media.  Our vision is simple – to train and deploy an effective, empowered, robust and fearless civil media sector that involves the ordinary people to tell their stories.

Please help us today so we can make the voice of West Papuans their most effective weapon.

with appreciation and solidarity,

Nick Chesterfield

Journalist, Editor & Founder

West Papua Media






When journalists are banned, who better to tell the story than the people who live it.

Investigating and holding abusers to account

Donate @

The overall mission of West Papua Media is to assist in the development of a robust and fearless media that can deliver accountability for all aspects of life in Papua.  We want to stop people from being afraid of speaking out, and we want West Papua’s voice to be its weapon, to broadcast its songs for Freedom.

Help fund critical safe witness journalism training in West Papua – Donate @

West Papua Media is also excited to be now hosting Safe Witness Journalism training for citizen media, human rights workers and professional journalists from Papua, and covering Papua.  Significant financial support is required to deploy this training to where it is most needed – please contact us for more details.

Effective citizen and professional media training is required to develop awareness of major current and future challenges to safe information dissemination – these are all programs that the West Papua Media network is currently engaged in and it needs help to increase its capacity.

All of this costs money, and requires the international community to understand that the development of indigenous journalism in West Papua is crucial to the protection of human security and peace across the entire Asia-Pacific region.  It requires international institutions in media and academia to  pool resources and help identify new sources of sustainable funding to start training journalists in innovative new media reportage techniques, and to support their work for the global human interest.

West Papua Media already has training programs ready to go, we just need the funds to make them happen.

Right now is an absolutely critical time for

We have been groundbreaking in the coverage of events on West Papua and have got to international media hours of footage in fast time about the brutality of the Indonesian military. But this all costs lots of money. We have very little.

We are seeking subscription style donations, so we can budget, and we are keen to also increase our crowd funding potential.

Even small regular donations are useful and will add up.

We have recently upgraded our video sharing capabilities, and also need to make sure our stringers can keep pumping out the video.  They require support on the ground.

Just take a look at our work and the media coverage that is occurring because we are pushing hard.  This exposure is creating real change.

However, we need sustainable funding, and we run the very real risk of having to close down without support.  Please do not let this occur.

Investigating and holding abusers to account – Donate @ Donate using Liberapay

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  1. Pingback: Voice of Melanesia
    1. Dear Mac,
      sorry for the delay in getting back to you – We do not sell them as being independent journalists we cannot take a public position on West Papuan independence. That is entirely for West Papuan people to self-determine. Of course we will report on it however.

      However, the folks from Rize of the Morning star should be able source one for you easily online.

  2. Paul Curwood Edward sent me this news report, so I have donated $10 towards this campaign. Sorry its not much, but I’m a pensioner in Australia.

    All our best wishes and support to the people of West Papua.

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