Police chief calls on Papuans to ‘remain calm’ as 1 December approaches

Morning Star Moon Landing
Ironic Morning Star Moon Landing (Artwork: AK Rockefeller)


Tabloid JUBI

28 November, 2012

The police chief  of the district of Mimika, Jeremias Runtini has called on the people to ‘remain calm’ as1 December approaches. He said that people should act together to safeguard security and public order and should avoid getting involved in activities that tend towards subversion such as flying the Morning Star flag.

He said that to mark its anniversary, the OPM, Organisasi Papua Merdeka, the Papuan Freedom Movement, usually flies the Morning Star flag and other people join in this as well.

‘There is nothing special about 1 December,’ he said, adding that the police and the military will be patrolling the area, after mustering their men on Timika Indah Square,’ he told journalists, as 1 December approached.

He said that in anticipation of people flying the Morning Star flag, his men will be mounting patrols throughout the region of Mimika. ‘I very much hope that people will not get involved in activities that are in violation of the laws in force in the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia, ‘especially bearing in mind that flying the Morning Star flag is regarded as an act of subversion and is therefore against the law.’

Repeating his call for people to ‘remain calm’ and avoid doing anything that is against the law,  he called on people to support all the development activities that are being undertaken. ‘Let us join together and get involved in these development activities; I am ready to be a partner in these joint endeavours.’

He told journalists that during the three days approaching 1 December, the police will be at the top level of readiness during these three days.

‘All of us must think positively and refrain from doing anything that is in violation of the law, so as not to disrupt peace and tranquillity.’

[Translated by TAPOL]

(WPM NOTE: West Papua Media will be providing monitoring services for international media for December 1 events.  Please contact the editorial team to assist or report.  Donations are required to enable effective monitoring.)

One thought on “Police chief calls on Papuans to ‘remain calm’ as 1 December approaches

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  1. It is to be noted that Indonesian President Yudhoyono has been visiting as well as receiving the visits of dignataries from across the World to gain support for its fragmentation of West Papua for the sole purpose of economic expansion and to establish an understanding that will not see Indonesia criticised for the opression of the West Papuan native people as their traditional homelands are being routinely dispatched to corporate interests and mining giants.
    It is further noted that this same President has done little to reduce the rife instances of corruption among the elite placed persons both inside and outside of Indonesia’s government circles.
    We in Australia can only wonder at the why of the brutalities and severe oppressions directed to the West Papuan people are forever proceeding against any of the visions and aspirations, and upon these people for even the most minimilistic of gatherings celebrating the ancient customs of these People, the traditional owners of this Country since time immemorial?
    it is evident that this long term goal of Indonesia will in all likelihood see the genocide of these Pacific Islanders if this same rate of oppression and apartheid is continued in the same manner as is recently reported by respected journalists across the World.

    Indeed the Australian government use their military or specialist forces to pursue the Native inhabitants of Australia with anywhere near the same clandestine intent as is perpetrated upon West Papuans, the manner of military and police personnel in West Papua is reminiscent of the extreme inhumanities that were found to exist among the loser countries during the term of the 2nd World War?

    Where stand the Human Rights organizations and the United Nations envoys regarding the lowly conducted concerns for West Papuans?

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