#WestPapuaUprising: We need your help to hold Indonesia to account, now.

September 5, 2019

As many people have noticed, WestPapuaMedia has not been publishing our original content for some time at this site (though we have continued to conduct fixing and production for many stories in the international media in this time). This is partly due to the forced shutdown of our crew after massive security costs and operations keeping our clandestine crew safe, thanks to the ethical recklessness by external non-Papuan reporters emptied our bank accounts and scared off funders.

It has been heartbreaking not being able to support the brave frontline and clandestine journalists and human rights defenders who daily face down Indonesian colonial thuggery to bring verified and credible independent reportage from behind the Bloody Batik curtain of the Indonesian occupation’s ban on international journalists, and its constant intimidation and harassment of indigenous Papuan Journalists.

However, the recent escalation in Papua resistance to severe daily repression – and since the “monkey” raids by the Australian-funded death squad, Detachment 88, on Papuan students in Indonesia – the #WestPapuaUprising is again forcing us to publish under our own steam. But to make this sustainable, we absolutely and critically need your help.

WestPapuaMedia is urgently seeking expressions of interest from international journalists, editors, translators, web designers, and media curators for assisting with the sustainable rebirth of the WestPapuaMedia platform. Please note – if you are operating inside West Papua, we will make contact with you securely – please do not respond here – send an encrypted email using a free protonmail account to our secure contact westpapuamedia_eds<@>protonmail.ch

We will be shortly starting a crowdfunding campaign to return us to full strength, so please watch this space.

Please leave a comment. Keep it nice to other users, and remember, no disrepect tolerated. Yell at the killers, not each other; Criticise the abusers deed, not their race or faith.. And please keep it relevant and punchy.

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