Harrowing footage emerges of disemboweled teen attacked in Aug 21 militia rampage in FakFak


September 5, 2019

by WestPapuaMedia staff

Disturbing footage has emerged from FakFak, showing a teenager’s disembowelment by pro-Indonesian militias during a violent rampage against independence supporters on August 21.

A still of the video showing the injuries received by Manarson Ndrotndrot , 15, from BMP militia, FakFak, Aug 21 (supplied)

The young man, Manarson Ndrotndrot, 15, was reportedly attacked by the Barisan Merah Putih (Red and White Force) militia, and Indonesian police and military officers stood by and failed to render medical assistance. According to confidential sources, after sustaining a stomach wound from a machete, Manarson was stood over by soldiers and militia men for several minutes whilst his intestines were falling out and he was in clear distress. This can be seen clearly in the footage.

In a harrowing echo of the Indonesian military organised violence 20 years ago this week in Timor Leste that led to its independence, Kostrad soldiers and Brimob paramilitary police stood by allowing – and even encouraging – militiamen to destroy Papuan property and attack Papuans they suspected as being pro-independence – or any Papuan not wearing the Indonesian national colours.

Footage of the disembowelment of West Papuan Youth (WARNING:GRAPHIC)

According to the sources in Fakfak, whom WestPapuaMedia is refusing to publicly identify for their safety, the militia rampage was an orchestrated retaliation by Indonesian security forces for the mass action earlier in the day which saw thousands of West Papuan people demand and end to racism from Indonesian occupation forces, and for an internationally supervised referendum. This mass action was dispersed with Tear Gas by Police, and resulted in the burning down of the Mbaham Matta Customary Council’s Office, in unclear circumstances (Some footage shows police firing highly incendiary tear gas rounds into the office).

Manarson sustained a disembowelment, and was eventually taken to the general hospital where he eventually underwent emergency surgery, according to a report from independent journalist Phaul Heger . The teenager currently remains in hospital in a critical condition recovering from his significant wounds.

The BMP militia, which is reportedly run by elements of the Indonesian special forces Kopassus, is mainly made up of transmigrant Indonesian colonists, but draws its indigenous Papuan members from the ranks of former police and military, unemployed and criminal gangsters. They have been regularly mobilised by Indonesian security forces to assist in the crackdown against indigenous West Papuans seeking self-determination, but since the beginning of the crackdown against the West Papua Uprising, BMP and other militia groups have been receiving significant tactical and logistical support from both Indonesian Brimob paramilitary police, and Kostrad Strategic Reserve.

The Fakfak Police Kapolda failed to respond to WPM enquiries if any charges have been laid against BMP members for the grievous harm.


#WestPapuaUprising: We need your help to hold Indonesia to account, now.

September 5, 2019

As many people have noticed, WestPapuaMedia has not been publishing our original content for some time at this site (though we have continued to conduct fixing and production for many stories in the international media in this time). This is partly due to the forced shutdown of our crew after massive security costs and operations keeping our clandestine crew safe, thanks to the ethical recklessness by external non-Papuan reporters emptied our bank accounts and scared off funders.

It has been heartbreaking not being able to support the brave frontline and clandestine journalists and human rights defenders who daily face down Indonesian colonial thuggery to bring verified and credible independent reportage from behind the Bloody Batik curtain of the Indonesian occupation’s ban on international journalists, and its constant intimidation and harassment of indigenous Papuan Journalists.

However, the recent escalation in Papua resistance to severe daily repression – and since the “monkey” raids by the Australian-funded death squad, Detachment 88, on Papuan students in Indonesia – the #WestPapuaUprising is again forcing us to publish under our own steam. But to make this sustainable, we absolutely and critically need your help.

WestPapuaMedia is urgently seeking expressions of interest from international journalists, editors, translators, web designers, and media curators for assisting with the sustainable rebirth of the WestPapuaMedia platform. Please note – if you are operating inside West Papua, we will make contact with you securely – please do not respond here – send an encrypted email using a free protonmail account to our secure contact westpapuamedia_eds<@>protonmail.ch

We will be shortly starting a crowdfunding campaign to return us to full strength, so please watch this space.

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