KNPB: We never seek justice from Indonesia

Bintang  Papua, 4 May 2012

Jayapura: Following the death of a sympathiser of the KNPB, the deputy chairman of the organisaation Mako Tabuni said that such a thing is part of the risk of the KNPB’s struggle for a referendum. ‘ We do not regard such things as a violation of human rights  but as part of the risk of our struggle,’ he said.

He said that they recognise that loss of life and loss of property  are inevitable.

He said that with regard to the latest victim, they were not intending to seek justice from Indonesia ‘because none of the victims which we have suffered has resulted in justice for the Papuan people.’

With regard to reports alleging that skirmishes said to have been caused by the KNPB masses and in which one student and one member of the security forces were injured and one young man died, he said that he would take responsibility if the police try to prove this.

In a press release issued by the KNPB, the organisation made the following demands:

1.    The Indonesian government should recognise the political right of the Papuan people to determine their own future by means of a referendum because the process of annexation following the New York Agreement of 16 August 1962 violated the principles and standards of international law and universal human rights.

2.    As from 1 May 2012, the Papuan people herewith declare that the presence of the Republic of Indonesia on Papuan soil is illegal and the  Papuan people only recognise the national parliamentary administration of West Papua.

3.     The Dutch people, the Indonesian people and the United Nations must accept responsibility for the hand over of of the administration of the West New Guinea Council/West Papua to the Government of Indonesia on 3 May 1962, without the consent of the Papuan people who were the ones involved in the dispute.

4. The Papuan people are ready to struggle for their right to self-determination by all means possible.

5. That the Papuan people should not become panic-stricken in the present situation.

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