More than 10,000 HIV/AIDS cases in Papua

JUBI, 27 April, 2012

Jayapura: According to a report  by the Health Department in  Papua which was made public on 31 December 2011, there have been 10,783 cases.of HIV and AIDS, of whom 4,437 people had HIV and 6,348 had AIDS. 778 people have died.

The most prominent cause of the disease is sex relations  between heterosexuals  which accounted for 93.45%. The other source of the disease is blood transfusion. The number of cases caused by the use of needles used by narcotics is minimal.

The ratio between men and women is almost equal with 50.07% of the persons suffering from the disease being men.

According to the report, the largest number of cases were in Mimika district , with 2,180 cases. Jayapura came second with 1,914 cases, Nabire with 1,912 cases, Jayawijaya with 1,479 cases and 1,329 cases in Merauke.

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