Unreliable Police allegations against Mako Tabuni

Bintang Papua, 14 June 2012

Following the assassination of Mako Tabuni, the deputy chairman of the KNPB (National Committee of West Papua), the police are now alleging that the man they murdered was responsible for seven cases of violence perpetrated by the KNPB, and say they are now conducting investigations to see whether he was responsible for seven acts of violence including the shot fired against a German visitor. They are alleging that this is based on confessions made by the Buchtar Tabuni, the chairman of the KNPB, and other KNPB members who are now facing charges. The chief of police is quoted as saying: ‘According to confessions by KNPB members, Mako Tabuni was responsible for a numbe of violent actions, all of  which are now under investigation,’

The police also claim that they found a pistol and bullets among Tabuni’s possessions which have now been sent to Jakarta to establish whether the bullets are the same as those found in the bodies of persons who have been shot.

Asked about the furore that has followed in the wake of the killing of Tabuni, the police chief said that was ‘incidental’  ‘In some cases the members act as if they are wiling to surrender but then put up resistance and try to seize weapons which is why the police opened fire.’

He also said that his men are now hunting down eight members of the KNPB who are alleged to have been involved in recent acts of violence.

According to the police, Tabuni was shot four times, twice in the thigh, once in the head and once in the waist.

[Comment by TAPOL: Can we now draw the conclusion that the police themselves have been responsible for the recent spate of shootings that have occurred, so as to be able to pin the blame on an organisation such as the KNPB which has been involved in peaceful advocacy such as calling for a referendum to be held in West Papua?]

[Translated by TAPOL]

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