Videos and latest figures from Wamena provide evidence of Indonesian army rampage

June 8, 2012
(updated June 10)
West Papua Media
Credible and trusted West Papua Media sources have provided video clips (below) that show the extent of destruction caused by the rampage of soldiers from the Indonesian Army (TNI) Battalion 756 in Wamena on June 6.
The soldiers, who ran amok in retaliation for the fatal beating by Wamena residents of two soldiers that killed a small Papuan boy in a motor incident, left a trail of destruction and violence across Wamena after a night of brutal and indiscriminate shootings, beatings and arson that has left at least 9 dead, 19 seriously injured, thousands homeless, and caused thousands of residents to flee to the relative safety of surrounding mountains.
According to local independent human rights activist Roni Lokbere, soldiers were firing indiscriminately at any Papuan they saw.  “Anyone in sight of police and soldiers who have the black and curly hair, it is not forgiving – just automatic firing action,” said Lokbere in a message with videos sent to West Papua Media.

“We make these reports based on true facts, the actions of the TNI and police officers who are arrogant and abusive, that ignore the principles of humanity and justice,” said Lokbere.

Human rights workers in Wamena have identified a number of victims so far, but they report there are still many victims to be identified, with military and police personnel blockading the hospital to prevent relatives access to those who sustained injuries.  This policy is causing great concern from local people that Indonesian security forces are committing further human rights abuses at the hospital in Wamena on survivors of the rampage.

According to fresh but separate unconfirmed reports received by West Papua Media, medical staff are being threatened by heavily armed military officers at the hospital, and soldiers and police including Australian-funded Detachment 88 counter-terror officers are directly interfering in the provision of treatment.

This information was provided at great risk by paramedics to Papuan human rights activists,  describing the scenes of terror and intimidation still occurring at the hospital in Wamena.

At time of writing only members of the local Nduga tribal clan had been formally identified as dead, with several other tribes including Susa people, represented amongst an unknown number of total casualties.  Many of those injured received significant wounds, and with the deliberate interference to medical treatment of the wounded by security forces, the number of dead is expected to rise.

Those formally identified are:
  1. Jairus Lokbere, Nduga tribe, an unarmed member of Battalion 34/ TPN (Tentara Pembebasan Nasional/ National Liberation Army) Komadan Inije Kodap;
  2. Kisiurt Kurungga, 21, villager;
  3. Metiuspus Telenggen, 26, villager;
  4. Elianus Bugiangge, 45, villager;
  5. Pianus Tabuni, Nduga tribe, Civil Servant
  6. Enus Lokbere, Nduga tribe,  Local legislator of DPRD;
  7. 2 children aged 12 and 13 in local school “holiday village” (boarders staying in school “village” during holidays as their families cannot afford return to rural homes)
  8. A man who died in the hospital who was not identified due to extent of facial injuries from beating with rifle butts.
In addition, over 20 Lani tribespeople have sustained serious injuries from gunshots and beatings during the rampage, though their condition is not yet known at time of publishing.  The names above are only those being treated in hospitals in Wamena and all are people from Nduga tribe.
Due to the evolving situation and ongoing repression of local people and human rights investigators by Indonesian security forces , it must be stressed that these names are not fully confirmed, however West Papua Media has received this information from trusted sources,
More information as it becomes available

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