Yapen: major military sweeps and abuses against ordinary villagers intensify

June 8, 2012

by West Papua Media

Information has been received from human rights sources on Yapen Island alleging that major security sweeps and blockades of villages home to non-violent political activists are causing mass

A senior police officer in Serui told West Papuan activists that 140 more Kopassus personnel  have been deployed from Jayapura, with two more companies of Brimob paramilitary police to be sent from Biak, reinforcing a significant build-up of military strength since April aimed at smashing West Papuan non-violent resistance to Indonesian military occupation.

The district of Angkaisera, east of Serui (14 villages), has been subject to an ongoing complete blockade and village raids by Indonesian security forces from June 7, preventing freedom of movement, and causing thousands of civilians to seek refuge in the jungle without food.   This military psychological operation known by local West Papuans as a “show force”, no-one has been able to gather to express their opposition to this brutal behaviour in front of the local parliamentary office of the DPRP.

It is being reported that seven people have been arrested today, reportedly under charge of Makar (subversion).  The names and places of those arrested are not known at this stage.

On June 8 at 12pm local time, a truckload of Riot Police (Dalmas) and joined by plain clothes militia and intelligence agents, went to Wadapi village where reports of intimidation were made.  The militia and riot police went back to Wadapi at 8pm together with 3 truckloads of joint taskforce army and police, and have occupied the village.  According to West Papua Media’s stringer in the area,  the joint-force occupied the village while drunk.

Angkaisera has been surrounded with security forces for the last two days, according to local activists.  Report have also been received that several political activists have been issued with letters to demand presentation to the local Indonesian police.  Governor of the Yapen district for the Federal Republic of West Papua alternative government, Daud Abon, has been issued a second warning letter to hand himself into police.  If he does not comply he will be hunted with full force, together with all other political activists in the area, according to the letter.

At the time of writing, news was received that raids were underway across Angkaisera district by joint-forces of TNI,Police and Detachment 88, together with special forces of Kopassus, and Kostrad Strategic Reserve commandos from the Pattimura division based in Maluku, the Hassanudin divisions from Makassar, and the Siliwangi division from West Java, who have reportedly all been sent to Yapen.  It is not known if these reports indicate entire battalions or just specialist companies from each division.  West Papua Media has not been able to independently been able to verify these reports, as if correct will indicate a deployment of five battalions of fully armed combat forces, numbering some 7500 soldiers.

Further raids are expected to be carried out at 3 am local time  in Anotorey and Mantembu villages, according to activists who are reporting that local people are terrified and very alarmed for their safety.



One thought on “Yapen: major military sweeps and abuses against ordinary villagers intensify

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  1. Is it a war without declaring war on Papuans or only suppression against their ideals for independence?.

    The deployment of large units of armed forces into Japen, Wamena, Puncak Jya, Paniai and Jayapura from various Indonesian military bases outside West Papua clearly shows that Indonesia is in large scale undeclared war against papuans.

    Iwould like to re-echo the call by human rights activist in Wamena for intervention of the UN Peacekeeping Force into Papua and mediate Papua Indonesia talks.

    Ignatius Mujijauw

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