KNPB activist, Klismon Woi dies from his injuries after mysterious shooting

KNPB activist, Klismon Woi succumbs to his injuries
November 6, 2012

By KNPB News

(Note: West Papua Media has again independently verified all contents of this report with contacts in Fak-Fak, and is reprinting the KNPB News report in full as WPM has confidence in this reportage).

Fak-Fak, KNPBnews – After Paulus Horik was laid to rest yesterday (5/11), another KNPB activist in Fakfak, Klismon Woi, took his last breath this afternoon (6/11) at 12 noon, at the Regional General Hospital of Fakfak in West Papua. The late Klismon was in a critical condition for  two days due to the countless bruises and serious injuries on his face and ribs.

According to information submitted to KNPBnews this afternoon by Arnold Kocu, regional coordinator of KNPB Fakfak, the body of the now deceased Klismon Woi was brought back to the funeral home. He also confirmed that Paulus Horik was buried the day before (5/11).

Klismon Woi was a member of KNPB-Fakfak.  According to information collected from the field, there are reasons to believe that Paulus and Klismon were killed by people who were especially trained by Indonesian forces that had been monitoring the activities and events led by KNPB activists in the Fakfak region.

Special operations by the Indonesian security forces against KNPB activists have been stepped up since KNPB Chairman  Mako Tabuni was shot dead on 14 June.  Search and arrest operations, raids and killings have been undertaken continuously by the Indonesian Special forces in an effort to eradicate the peaceful resistance movement led by the KNPB (wd)

[Translation by LT]


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