“Mystery” killing of KNPB leader in Fak Fak, Indonesian security forces blamed

by KNPB News

November 6 , 2012

Fakfak, KNPBnews – In their insatiable witch hunt against members one of West Papua’s main mass organizations, the KNPB (West Papua National Committee), the Indonesian security forces are continuing with the illegal and extrajudicial killing, torture and detention of KNPB activists and leaders.

This time, one of the regional leaders (KNPB Sorong), Paul Horik was found dead on A. Matondang Road, near the Fakfak riverbank on Sunday (4/11) at 1 a.m. Meanwhile, another KNPB activist, Klisman Woi is in critical condition at the Regional General Hospital of Fakfak.  There are indications that the attacks were carried out by the Indonesian special forces.

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The Regional coordinators of the Fakfak region submitted to KNPBnews a chronology of the events which led to the murder of the activist. According to the preliminary investigation conducted in the field, the tragic episode started when the two activists hired a motorcycle. For reasons which are still unclear, at 1 a.m., a traffic officer found the two victims lying on the road in very deplorable conditions, whereas the motorcycle itself was in perfect state with no damage or scratches.

The victims’ families were informed of these tragic events at 7 a.m. at the hospital of Fakfak. The autopsy conducted by the hospital doctor revealed that Paul Horik had been killed: a big hole was found in the upper side of his head, his neck was broken, and his nose and face showed signs of serious injuries.

The second victim, Klisman Woi is still in critical condition at the hospital. He was also seriously wounded in the front of his head, both eyes were severely swollen and bluish, countless bruises and contusions, injuries on his left rib and feet.

Arnold Kocu, coordinator of KNPB for the Fakfak region, says that he is pursuing the investigation together with the families to find more information on this tragic event. “We are at great loss, and the People of West Papua in its entirety is in mourning. The KNPB and the Regional Parliament will continue their fact finding operations and should their inquiry be conclusive then they will act accordingly and do everything in their power in order to encourage and put pressure on the Fakfak regional police to fully investigate this tragedy”.

Paulus Horik was part of the leadership of the KNPB commissariat for the Fakfak region. Klismon Woi is also a member of KNPB. Their activities were being monitored extensively by a Special Unit of the Indonesian forces.

Earlier on, the Secretary of the Regional Parliament in Merauke underwent severe beatings by members of the Indonesian military.

[Translation by LT] http://knpbnews.com/blog/archives/1180

(Note: West Papua Media has independently verified all contents of this report with contacts in Fak-Fak, and is reprinting the KNPB News report in full as WPM has confidence in this reportage).

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