An urgent note to our readers regarding latest OTK shootings


West Papua Media

July 3, 2012

Two OTK  (Unknown/specially trained persons) Attacks on civilians in West Papua over previous days have been heavily reported by Indonesian controlled media as being blamed on OPM/TPN independence fighters.

An attack in Wamena today has left two Indonesian colonists dead, and West Papua Media is currently getting reports from credible witnesses of a massive retaliatory rampage by Indonesian Army (TNI) Troops from Battalion 756, the battalion that rampaged across Wamena on June 6.

We are also getting credible reports of a major engagement between the TNI and TPN surrounding the village of Bolakme, outside Wamena in the Baliem Valley.

There are many conflicting reports about this incident coming froma wide variety of sources, so West Papua Media is conducting careful and critical investigation currently.

Additionally, the shooting on Sunday of Sawa Tami village chief Yanuarius Yanafrom by OTK attackers is claimed by direct witnesses to be the work of “well-built Malay men”, and we also have credible but unverified reports of the killing of 8 more people claimed by Indonesian to be OPM, but in fact ordinary villagers.  West Papua Media is awaiting identification of these victims before we publish.

Claims made by Indonesian media outlets that the shootings in both Wamena and Keerom are not currently borne by facts, and are exclusively based by Public affairs statements by Indonesian military, police and intelligence officers.  Zero attempt has been made by Indonesian journalists to seek genuine first hand witness statements, or any comment from credible independent observers, and no attempt has been made by ANY Indonesian media outlet to verify the claims of the security forces – a basic failing of journalism.

West Papua Media is in possession of a significant number of direct witness statements on the latest Keerom shooting, and after careful and sober investigation, verification, cross checking and fact checking, we will publish our findings.  There is yet to be any proof of  TPN involvement, and much evidence of an assassination by plain clothes Kopassus or Kostrad officers, consistent with a long history in Keerom regency of brutal random killings of motorcycle riders by Kopassus, “ninjas”, jihadists, and now Kostrad.

There are significant difficulties in getting an accurate picture in a highly dynamic and repressive context, with active military operations against witnesses and ordinary civilians.

West Papua Media will endeavour to publish as soon as we get a clear, verified and detailed story.  We recommend that every report that comes out from both Wamena and Keerom is treated with extreme caution until all verification has been done.

Thank you for listening

West Papua Media Editorial team

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