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Trial of Buchtar Tabuni postponed


JUBI, 23 July 2012

The second hearing in the trial of Buchtar Tabuni did not proceed as planned because a witness who was due to appear failed to turn up,

Buchtar Tabuni is the chairman of the KNPB, the National Committee of West Papua, and is facing charges for having allegedly inflicted damage on the Abepura prison where he is currently being held and for exchanging harsh words with prison warders.

The prosecutor told the court that they intend to summon ten witnesses. The first to be summoned was the  former director of the prison, Liberti Sitnjak who is now the director of a prison in Ambon.  This was the witness who failed to turn up.

Before the hearing was postponed, one of the lawyers of the defendants, Gustaf Kawar, called on the judge to insist that the prosecutor guarantee that witnesses appear as planned and ensure that the next hearing is not postponed. After an exchange between the lawyer and the judge, the hearing was postponed.

The next hearing is due to take place on 26 July.

The defendant is on trial together with Dominggus Pulalo.

The hearing was attended by dozens of members of the KNPB.

[Translated by TAPOL]