Update: Keerom Shootings

Monday July 2 2012

0150 Papua time


A series of shootings have occurred in the remote West Papua – PNG border area of Arso, in Keerom district on Sunday July 1.

Initial reports have confirmed that one man, a village chief, has been shot dead by Indonesian army troops from Kostrad (Strategic Reserve) Battalion   as he was walking back to his village from an army post, after telling soldiers that any ceremonies held that day would not involve the raising of the banned Morning Star flag.

In an incident that may prove be connected to the first shooting, further credible reports are claiming that soldiers opened fire and shot 8 villagers who had come to investigate the first shooting.  Soldiers have arrested these eight victims and are accusing them of being OPM members, however preliminary reports indicate they are ordinary villagers.

Reports are currently conflicting at this point, so West Papua Media will bring more information as it becomes confirmed.

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