1 July opened the Eyes of the World, says Thaha Alhamid

Bintang Papua, 28 June 2012
Jayapura: In response to the decision of the OPM co-ordinator to raise the Morning Star Flag  for three days from 1 July, to celebrate the anniversary of the establishment of the TPN/OPM, the Papuan Presidium  Council (PDP) has called on all sides not  to do anything to blemish that historic day such as perpetrating acts of terror  which can only spread fear among the Papuan people.’Regardless of whether you are for or against,’ said Thaha Alhamid, general secretary of the PDP, ‘1 July is indeed  an important milestone  for it was on that day that the Papuan people declared the independence of Papua, which opened the eyes of the world.’.

He said that everyone knows about that historic moment, including Lambert Pekikir and his colleagues, and he hoped that they would do nothing to damage the significance of that day.

‘Brother Lambert knows all about the importance of  that day and he is obliged not to do anything that would damage that anniversary. Nothing should be done to turn that day in a day of violence and blood-letting.’

He said that  the day marked an event of political importance and if anyone wants to celebrate it, they should do so by peaceful means and out of mutual respect. ‘Treat that day as an important political moment (for dialogue) and not for anything involving firearms.’

Thaha went on to say that the declaration of independence on that day had opened the eyes of the world to two facts.

‘Firstly,the Papuan people could not accept  the political decision taken by the UN with regard to the Act of Free Choice and rejected Resolution 2504 which clealy failed to treat the Papuan people as the subject, and secondly, that the Papuan people have their aspirations which differ from those  expressed in the UN resolution. ‘It was on 1 July,’ he said, ‘that  the Papuan people gave their reaction to the UN decision of 1969 which legalised Papua’s incorporation as part of Indonesia.’

Thaha also said that  he hoped that the security forces would adopt the persuasive approach , to seek to build mutual trust and avoid military operations.

He sad that the Papuan people and in particular the people in Jayapura are utterly worn out by the situation of fear.  ‘The Papuan people dont want to go on living in an atmosphere of fear. Papuan people are tired of living like this,’ he said.

He went on to say that  a peaceful situation of mutual respect  for constructive dialogue must be the way forward to resolve all the problems in Papua. ‘A political solution to reveal the reality of our past history must be achieved by peaceful means,’ he said. ‘Violence  can only lead to  people getting injured and to yet more violence.’

My message is: ‘Stop all the violence and let us enter into dialogue.’

[Translated by TAPOL]

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  1. Peace is the goal that Indonesian West Papua policy should follow! How to get the peace?
    May I suggest Indonesia start treating West Papuans like Indonesian equal citizens! It is obvious to the world that Indonesia does not provide “equal rights” to its indigenous people of West Papua! May I suggest that Indonesia grant a huge province to the West Papuan indigenous tribes by treaty also shown to the U.N. A generous area of West Papua should be returned to the ancestoral tribes of West Papua as a Reservation forever! This should be hundreds of square miles that are granted “sovereignty” within Indonesia with the Reservation being granted forever to the West Papuan indigenous tribes and future generations with freedom of religion, freedom of the press, freedom to not live in fear of being killed by the Indonesian police or military! Freedom to have villages like their ancestors or freedom to leave the Reservation and live off the Reservation. Freedom to fly the “Morning Star Flag” on the Reservation as a sovereign State within Indonesia and protected by Indonesia! The Reservation should bound on the East with Papua New Guinea and start miles inland from Jayapura. It should extend across the mountains to the Sea of Arafura and extend approximately 200 miles west and use a river boundry to mark the western terminus. The land should contain mineral rights, fishing rights in the Arafura Sea and lakes and rivers on the Reservation. Amnesty should be granted to OPM fighters that surrender within a year and to West Papuans living in exile. The Indonesian military would be withdrawn to Jayapura from Reservation territory and the West Papuan indigenous tribes would elect their own Council or reconvene its Third Congress upon release of all politically detained tribal representatives and flag raisers! West Papua would be the Reservation’s name and West Irian would be the name of all remaining West New Guinea lands and islands.

  2. I disagree with Mr. Spehr. This kind of thinking brought results like to the indigenous peoples of America, Canada, Australia.
    Papua belongs to the indigenous Peoples of Papua.
    Indonesia took this country through political manipulations so her brutal military and police forces there are abusing the land of Papua and the Great People of Papua, every day since 1963.
    In East Timur and Aceh the Indonesian military got a lot of experience in killing people and they took that experience with them to their next “privat” playground: Papua.

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