ALDP urges the police to investigate the recent shooting of the German in Papua

Bintang Papua,
31 May 2012

Jayapura:  The steps being taken at present by the police  to set up a special  team  to investigate the shooting of the German, Dietmar Pieper, 56 years old, means that nowhere is safe in Papua, either in the towns or in the interior, said the director of ALDP, the Alliance for Democracy for Papua, Latifa Anum Siregar.

She said that when shootings or acts of violence occur in Papua, the police get busy setting up special teams to deal with the incident. But what is needed is that the police should set themselves a time limit of one week for the investigation. ‘If they fail to reach a conclusion within two weeks, they should be open about it and tell the public that they are unable to solve the problem.

The fact is that not a single case  of shooting or violence  has ever been solved in Jayapura, Waena, the destruction by fire of an Avanza vehicle  at the Waena cemetery  and other cases such as those in Buper, Skyland or Nafri.

She said that when the police fail to solve incidents in mountainous areas such as Puncak Jaya , they always complain about difficulties at the site, the lack of witnesses or of evidence. These complaints have even been made about incidents that occurred in daylight hours, in the town centre, where there is no problem of access.

There have been many cases in the towns but not one of the them has been solved, nor has the motive ever been revealed, she said.

She also said that when the recent shooting incident occurred, there were several witnesses who could have been asked to make statements, and it is not difficult to identify people by such characteristics as whether they have straight or curly hair.

‘If we go back ten years to the time when Theys E;uay was murdered, there were plenty of witnesses.’

In a case like the present one involving a foreigner who was visiting Indonesia, it is clearly the responsibility of the state, in this case the police, to handle the case.

Some people have been saying that a ballistics expert should be brought from Germany to check on the provenance of the projectile that is still embedded in the victim’s body but Indonesia has all the necessary specialist equipment to do this. The police have it and Densus 88 also have it, as was clear at the time of the shooting of Opinus Tabuni on 9 August, 2009

‘The  problem is not whether they have the necessary equipment but whether they are willing to undertake the investigation and discover who it was who did the shooting.So, all the talk that is going on at present should stop because it only benefits the police and those who were responsible are only too happy when all this chatter goes on. ‘There are intel agents everywhere so it would be very strange if they were not able to solve this case.’

Some people are urging the police to solve this case to avoid any  international speculation about Papua being a place where terrorists are active. The police claim that the only place where disturbances occur is in Puncak Jaya and not in Jayapura City.But the fact is that such shooting incidents are happening frequently  all over Papua, she said.

‘If these incidents are localised in Puncak Jaya but can also occur at any time in cities, this means that nowhere in Papua is safe, either in the interior or in the towns.’

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