Bintang Papua, 23 May 2012

Jayapura: In response to the announcement by the TNI/OPM Revolution Co-ordinator, Lamberth Pekikir, that they intend to fly the Kejora – Morning Star – flag  on 1 July, the anniversary of the OPM and also when Indonesia’s President, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono visits  West Papua on 25 June, the police chief of Papua, Inspector-General Bighman Lumban Tobing said that the police force would take firm action.

He said that the general situation in Papua is general speaking  ‘conducive’  though there have been some security disturbances  recently in Puncak Jaya by elements who intend to break away from the NKRI – Unitary Republic of Indonesia.

The police chief said that all components in society  including the media are responsible for keeping the situation in Papua conducive.As the hosts of the National Raimuna Xth event [which the president will attend]; we are jointly responsible for maintaining a conducive atmosphere, ensuring that the news from Papua will be about tranquillity in the area.

The chief of police also said that they would take firm action against any group that attempts to cause security disturbances in Papua. He said: ‘I will arrest and take firm action against any group that intends to cause disturbances in this place. ‘

He said that there were no plans to bring in additional troops and they will rely on the organic TNI troops and the police force now in Papua to keep order. He repeated his conviction that all components of society will ensure that the National Raimuna event will proceed smoothly.

The Raimuna event will take place in Waena and will last from 25 June till 1 July and will be officially opened by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono,
Ten thousand members of the youth organisation Pramuka all 16 – 20 years old and of Pandega, 21-25 years old  [the Indonesian boy scouts movement] from PNG, Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei will also be taking part.

[Abridged in translation by TAPOL]

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