UN has begun to open its eyes to the Papua problem

BINTANG PAPUA,  23 May 2012

Jayapura: The continued perpetration of state violence and human rights violations in Indonesia  and especially in West Papua have begun to gain awareness in the international community. This is evident from the  UN Hiuman Rights Council in Geneva on 23 May  at which almost seventy countries expressed their concern about state violence  and human rights abuses in Indonesian and especially in West Papua.

This was stated by the General Chairman of the Alliance of Baptist Churches in Papua, the Revd Socratez Sofyan Yoman, referring to their network in Jakarta and also the international community. ‘We have monitored all this from reliable sources via the intermediary of our own network,’ he told Bintang Papua.

According to this highly vocal religious leader, the governments of the USA, Japan, Denmark and Germany have called on the Indonesian government to allow access to West Papua and also to release Filep Karma unconditionally ‘This also includes other political prisoners without exception whose cases are being discussed, including that of Forkorus and his colleagues.’

He went on to say that the German government  has also called on the Indonesian government to stop using Articles 106 and 110 of the Criminal Code [against Papuans].

The international community, he said,  via the intermediary of UN institutions have opened their eyes  to the sufferings of the Indonesian people and of the Papuan people who  experience injustice and violence as well as State crimes. There are no grounds whatever for the Indonesian government to deny access to Papua for the international media and for diplomats from other countries.

It is now time for the Indonesian government to put an end to all their fabrications and lies  about the issue of Papua. It is now time for the Indonesian government to enter into dialogue on the basis of equal status between the two sides to bring an end to the violence and crimes against humanity in the Land of Papua. ‘All this international pressure is also related to the failure of the Special Autonomy Law for Papua as the political solution of the Papua question. All these actions of so-called affirmative  action have been a total failure while State crimes and violence  have got even worse, causing so many sufferings for the indigenous Papuan people, said Sofyan Yoman in a press release.

[Slightly abridged translation by TAPOL]

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  1. World peace depend on ‘WEST-PAPUA FREEDOM’. Error by sinful acted of super powers, USA, NETHERLANDS, AUSTRALIA… include UN.

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