Jefrai Murib has serious medical problems but is not getting the treatment he urgently needs

JUBI, 23 May 2012
The hospital in Jayapura where Jefrai Murib has been getting treatment has been creating difficulties regarding the medical treatment needed by this political prisoner.The chairman of BUK, Bersatu Untuk Keadilan – United for Justice – Peneas Lokbere said that to continue his treatment, he should have been examined again by the doctors on 22 May,  and would need to undergo a course of physiotherapy  and be given medicine that he needs for the paralysis  which has affected  the right side of his body.

According to Lokbere, when he went to the hospital for the treatment he required, he was not allowed to enter the hospital and was told that the doctors who should have been treating him had finished their work at the hospital for the day and had gone home. This happened on two days running and then he was told that he should go to the General Hospital for treatment.

Because of this, said Lokbere, Jefrai had been unable to get the necessary treatment.

He also said that they had asked the prison where  Jefrai is being held to cover the costs of the treatment required, but had failed so far to get the prison to respond to this request. Jefrai has lost the ability to move the right side of his body but was not getting the medical treatment that he urgently requires.

On the following day, 24 May, JUBI reported that Lokbere and his colleagues had decided to try to raise money to cover the costs of Jefrai’s treatment, by asking  for money from people in the streets.

Lokbere said that they were having to do this because the costs of the treatment were currently having to be borne by the prisoner’s family.

Other political prisoners such as Filep Karma and Ferdinand Pakage were also in need of treatment so attempts to raise money for them would have to start as soon as possible.

As regards the condition of Jefrai, the doctors have said that his is an emergency case.He needs treatment for eight hours a week and his condition must be regularly checked by the doctors. ‘He needs help very quickly,’ said Lokbere because his is an emergency case.

JUBI, 24 May

Jefrai’s lawyer refused entry to meet Jefrai

A doctor who is treating the political prisoner Jefrai Murib ordered Cory Silva, a lawyer acting for the prisoner, to leave the premises of the hospital. The lawyer  had intended to  ask the doctor at the hospital  to make the necessary arrangements for the political prisoner to get the medical treatment that he needs.Examination by doctors had confirmed that Jefrai Murib has high blood pressure and blood clots (this is surely DVT – deep vein thrombosis, caused by excessive periods immobile – Tapol) after having been examined by a team of doctors. ‘The right side of his body is completely unable to function,’ she said. The doctor has suggested a course of physiotherapy for him as the condition had been present for a long time. The doctor said that treatment was urgent in order to prevent the blood clots from spreading to other parts of his body.

His doctor has also approached a physiotherapy specialist, Fernandes who suggested a course of treatment.When Peneas Lokbere tried to make contact with the physiotherapist, he was told that he was not available at the time and the prisoner would need to go elsewhere for treatment. but they had been unable to make contact with a physiotherapist.

When the lawyer was eventually able to contact the specialist, he was told by Fernandes that he should go to the General Hospital. Cory Silva wa criticised for trying to interfere with the prison management ans was ordered to leave the premises.The doctor also said that it was up to the prisoner’s family to handle of the case.

Cory Silva said that  what the doctor had said was quite inappropriate because it was the duty of the prison where Jefrai was being held to take full responsibility for Jefrai getting the necessary treatment.

Peneas Lokbere insisted that it was the responsibility of the doctor at the  prison to make the necessary arrangements and if he was refusing to do so then he should be replaced so as to make sure that the treatment needed by Jefrai could be started as soon as possible

Another of Jefrai’s lawyers, Yusman Conoras  complained that the doctors at the prison clearly had no understanding of the human rights aspect of this matter.  He said that it was the responsibility  of  the prison authorities  to provide the proper treatment for those who are being held in the prison Moreover, a prison should be giving guidance to the people being held in the prison and not just trying to punish the prisoner.

JUBI  reported that as yet, no comment had been forthcoming from the doctor in question.

[Translated and summarised by TAPOL]

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