9 July 2010

Report by Piron Moribnak, Puncak Jaya

First part :
On Friday, 9 July 2010 TNI/Polri forces shot dead a TPN/OPM member sent from the Tingginambut headquarters in Kampung Jambi. NUMBUNGGA GIRE died at the hands of the Indonesian security apparatus and was then cremated by OPM members and villagers in Kampung Jambi. No picture could be attached to this report since the access from Kota Mulia to the place was blocked by military forces. Source: Witness from Kampung Jambi (D. GAME).

Second part
In May, I sent a report on two churches and villager’s houses torched down by Indonesian military in two villages in Tingginambut District, Yarmukum and Pilia. At that time, I did not have any pictures to testify. Here are a few pictures of the brutalities committed then by the TNI forces against villagers’ properties. These houses were burnt down by INDONESIAN MILITARY.

Picture 1 : Houses were torched down by military, forcing villagers to live in shelters, Tingginambut District. Picture taken by Dopes Morib

Picture 2 : An example of the Indonesian military perpetuated arsons : the GIDI church in Yarmukum, May 2010, Tingginambut District.

Picture 3 : A woman searches the ashes of an Indonesian military torched house for an axe or a knife, Pilia GIDI church, Tingginambut District.

(WPmedia note: Other photos were also included in the report but were not included as they do not show any significant evidence. see below)

(not included:
Picture 4 : A woman and her children appear helpless after their house was burnt down. They are now forced to live in a shelter under the banana trees (which doesn’t appear in the picture), Tingginambut District.
Picture 5 : A villager’s house that was also torched by the Indonesian military in Yarmukum, Tingginambut District.
Note – this image does not show any clear evidence of arson)

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