Freeport Mine in West Papua secretly producing uranium

News items from Bintang Papua, abridged in translation

Shocking news has been received about Freeport-Indonesia, namely that this company which operates one of the largest copper mines in the world has for the past eight months been secretly producing and exporting the most sought after mineral, uranium, which is the basic requirement for nuclear reactors and for the production of nuclear weapons.

This is in breach of its contract of work, which covers the mining of copper, whereas the mining of other minerals such as the mining of gold, coal and non-petroleum products was made public during the 1990s.

‘This is clearly a case of theft because the mining of uranium is not mentioned in the contract of work,’ Yan Mandenas, chairman of the Pikiran Rakyat group in the Papuan provincial legislative council, DPRP. told Bintang Papua.

‘We are closely following the mining of uranium with the help of informants within the Freeport company as well as in the district administration, and from NGOs and  the general  public,’ said Mandenas.

Mandenas said that since Freeport is located within the territory of the province of Papua, the government of West Papua and the DPRP cannot take any action against this massive company.

‘It is very difficult for us to enter the area because of the highly complex bureaucracy, while the products are transported through pipes.’  Nevertheless, the DPRP is using all resources as its disposal  to keep an eye on the company.

It should be recalled that the conflict between Iran and America which is now before the UN Security Council is focused on Iran’s possession of uranium. As is known there are two functions for uranium, one for peaceful purposes and one for the production of nuclear bombs.

Attempts to contact the manager for corporate communications of Freeport, Budiman Moerdijat were not successful.