Front Pepera: “Military and Police called upon to immediately restore sense of security to the people of Kamuu Valley”




Secretariate: Padang Bulan II – Abepura – Jayapura – Papua


“Together for the History of the Star of the East”


Press Release


“Military and Police called upon to immediately restore sense

of security to the people of Kamuu Valley”


In the aftermath of the bloody tragedy that began on April 13 2011, the people of Dogiyai Regency have fled their homes.  On April 13 and 14, TNI (Indonesian Military) and POLRI (Police) units killed two local civilians (Dominikus Auwe and Aloisius Waine) and left three others in critical condition (Otin Yobe, Matias Iyai and Albert Pigai).  According to information obtained on April 15, joint Military/Police operations have combed several villages in Dogiyai, razing at least ten homes and destroying crops and livestock.  In an ongoing situation of effective all-day curfew in Moanemani, the capital town of Dogiyai, it is difficult to gather information about these incidents and it is therefore still impossible to confirm the exact number of people who have been killed as a result of these Military/Police sweepings.

Military and Police troops with full combat weaponry continue to be deployed to Dogiyai Regency from surrounding regencies, including Deiyai, Nabire, Paniai and Timika; meanwhile Papua Provincial Police headquarters in Jayapura sent a platoon (two trucks) of troops on Sunday April 17.  Constant troop convoys are running between Moanemani and Paniai in a show of force on the part of the Indonesian Military and Police while villages surrounding Moanemani are combed by the troops.  Moanemani and surrounding districts are quiet, with the local population in hiding.  All government activities have ceased, including schooling.  Not a single person can be seen in Moanemani, save for soldiers and Brimob (Police Mobile Brigade) officers firing their weapons into the air.

All local civilians have fled to villages in nearby regencies, and many have sought refuge in the forest.  As a result, local people are suffering starvation and sickness that has led to several deaths, including that of eight-year old Detianus Goo who had escaped into hiding with his mother.  This child, from Putapa Village, Kamu Selatan District, Dogiyai Regency, died on April 16 at 9 AM (Papua time).  Besides him, Rosia Goo, a 40-year old woman who fled from Mauwa to Udekebo to seek safety, died in Udekebo on April 16.  Meanwhile, residents of Kimupugi and Ikebo whose physical conditions of old age or disability prevented them from fleeing have been in a severe state of torment, under threat of police violence.  Local Police threatened to attack homes if the weapons seized by residents were not returned by April 18 2011.

This drastic situation began to be rectified when the DPRP’s (Papua Provincial Legislature) Join Team, led by Commission A head Ruben Magai, travelled to Dogiyai on April 18 2011 and conducted meetings with local government leaders including Papua Police Special Team as well civil society representatives in Moanemani on Tuesday April 19 between 9 AM and 2:30 PM at the Regent’s (Bupati’s) office.  During this meeting, the DPRP Joint Team asked all parties, including local communities as well as Military and Police to maintain security, refrain from selling and consuming alcohol and gambling.  Meanwhile, local community representatives asked Papua Police and the Cenderawasih Division Military Commander to immediately pull all troops out of Dogiyai Regency, including “organic” (locally-based) and “non-organic” (deployed from other regional bases) troops.   They demanded that the local police chief be the only state officer permitted to carry a firearm, and offered to gather and return all weapons stolen by local civilians to the President as these weapons are the tools of the State, however they asked to meet the Papua Provincial Police Chief first.  This meeting in Moanemani ended after some commitments were agreed upon, including: 1) to return a sense of security to the local population of Kamuu, Dogiyai; 2) all Military and Police units to be pulled out; 3) all local economic and administrative activities to be resumed; 4) stolen weapons to be returned to the President, with DPRP as well as DPRD (Regency Legislature) asked to facilitate the transfer.

The DPRP Joint Team, led by the Commission A head accompanied by various DPRP members, Papua Human Rights Commission Vice-Head Matius Murib and Church representative Yones Douw (Coordinator of Justice and Peace for the Synod of Kingmi Papua Church), as well as student and youth envoys, began yesterday afternoon to circulate around the Kamuu Valley, asking local residents to return from their refuges in nearby forests and villages.  Today, regular local activities began to return to normal.  Still, the security situation has yet to fully return to normal given that the arbitrary violent sweepings by Security Forces over the past days have left local communities with severe trauma.  To respond to the current situation in Dogiyai Regency, we urge the following actions to be taken:

1.                           Military and Police immediately restore a sense of safety to the local population of Kamuu Valley, Dogiyai Regency;

2.                           Immediately pull all Military and Police troops out of Kamuu Valley so as to allow local people to feel secure;

3.                           Heads of Security Forces at the Provincial and Central (Jakarta) level, especially Papua Police Chief and the President of the Republic of Indonesia immediately accept responsibility for the deaths of two civilians who were shot to death (Dominikus Auwe and Aloysiuis Waine) as well as shooting victims (Matias Iyai, Albert Pigai and Otin Yobe) who are in critical condition at Nabire Hospital;

4.                           President of the Republic of Indonesia immediately replace all troops currently deployed from the District to the Provincial Level in the Land of Papua;

5.                           Gambling managers disciplined firmly and the perpetrators of the shootings of civilians fired and punished according to the law;

6.                           Dogiyai Regency Government and Papua Province Governor accept responsibility for material destruction (homes, crops, etc);

7.                           Provincial Government and DPRP in the Land of Papua immediately issue a Provincial Ruling banning illicit alcohol, gambling, bars and casinos in the Land of Papua so as to preserve security, order, morals and faith in humanity.

That is our press release, expressed with full sincerity in the hopes of immediate follow-up action by relevant actors.

Port Numbay: Wednesday, April 20 2011


“Unity Without Limits, Struggle Until Victory”


(Public Head, WPPUSF (Front PEPERA PB))

Two people shot dead in Dogiyai but no action has been taken to solve the case

JUBI, 16 April 2011Following a number of shootings of inhabitants in the district of Dogiyai in the past few weeks, the place is now like a ghost town. Many of the inhabitants along with their wives and children have left town.

‘All the offices are closed and nothing is happening here any more.because all the inhabitants have fled,’ Hanen Sendu, head of public relations of the district, told Bintang Papua over the phone.

He said that during sweepings by the police and the security forces, a number of houses were burnt to the ground.. ‘This is now regarded as a ‘red’  (ie highly dangerous) zone by the security forces,’ he said .

According to inhabitants from Dogiyai, a number of homes near the Moanemani building where agricultural training was taking place have been burnt down by security forces who were sent there by Brimob based in Enarotali. ‘They arrived from Enarotali and burnt down people’s homes,’ according to a source in the area.

Many young people from Dogiyai are not going to school any more because the security forces have spread fear among the local people.”The women and children have also left. ‘We were being shot at all the time and we were very afraid, so we have left Dogiyai,’ they said, according to a brief message received from the area.

A member of the local legislative assembly, Frits Agapa said that young people were also afraid and have fled into the forests and to kampungs in a nearby district.

‘This is not a war, but when the security behave like this, nobody would want to accept such treatment.’

A few young people who remained in Dogiyai say that they are afraid to leave their homes because they are afraid of being shot at just like their colleagues were shot at a few days ago.

‘The security forces are shooting people for no reason at all,’ said one person living in the area.


JUBI, 17 April 2011

The association  of students from the Central Highlands has urged the police to take action quickly in response to the tragedy that happened last Wednesday.

‘Besides taking action against all those who have been shooting local inhabitants, the chief of  police should also  place Togel port  under special protection and put an end to the sweeping operations.’ said the chairman of the association, Andreas Gobai.

He also said that the police should put a stop to all the gambling and drinking in Dogiyai and other districts.

‘If he fails to do so, then he should resign for failing to act responsibly regarding the Moanemani case and other incidents that have occurred here in this region.’

Gobai said that his association is pressing for a comprehensive solution in this case.

Three days after the incident, the situation in Moanemani and the vicinity is still not conducive. Many local inhabitants are panic-stricken and have been forced to leave their homes, although everything had been very peaceful until now..


JUBI, 16 April 2011

Following the shootings and sweepings by the police and members of the TNI, a few days ago in Dogoyai, some families were shocked by the discovery of the bodies of two young men, Kris Pigome from the Pouwouda kampung and Markus Goo, the son of the chief of Tuwaida kampung. Their bodies were found covered with terrible injuries, near the Nabire Trans highway, about 18 kms from Nabire district.

Their families have been informed of the tragedy.

‘It happened last night. We had advised them not to go to Dogiyai, but they were insistent on going because they wanted to return home to their kampungs, but they were murdered on the way,’ said Vincen Goo, one of the relatives who was contacted by JUBI.

How they died is still a mystery.

‘We have just come from the hospital and we dont know why they were killed. But it is clear that they were murdered,’ said Vincen. The bodies are due to be taken to the homes of the families in Nabire who are now in mourning.


JUBI, 17 April 2011

Following the shooting dead of civilians in Dogiyai, the local people are shocked that the local government have not said anything about this incident.

‘People here are naturally very afraid  because since that incident, there has been no attempt to close off the area by the security forces, bearing in mind that members of the security forces have shot some local people dead.

‘If local government leaders had been at their posts and were concerned about the local people, this shooting might never have happened.’

As someone who comes from the area, Petrus Agapa  has also expressed his deep concern about the situation . ‘There are other ways to solve problems like this, not by shooting people,’ he said.

The local people have lost all confidence in the local government .

Until now, neither the acting bupati  nor other local officials  have taken any action to resolve the problem.

‘It seems as if officials in Dogiyai  are just hoping that officials from the provincial government will come along and solve the problem,’ said Agapa.

More Mysterious Killings near Nabire

Jubi — After shootings and sweeps by rogue police officers and personnel of the Indonesian National Army (TNI) a few days ago in Dogiyai, families and residents currently in Dogiyai are again surprised by the discovery of two bodies of known identity.

The two bodies found were from Kampung Pouwouda, named Kris Pigome and Mark Goo, the children of the Tuwaida Village Head, Southern District of You, Dogiyai District. They were both found dead last night (15 / 4) in the path of the Trans Nabire – Ilaga road, 38 kilometers Nabire.

This incident was known by the family. “It happened last night. They both have advised us not to leave the house or do not make the trip to Dogiyai. But they are two stone heads. Those two seem to travel to return home. But they were killed in the middle of the journey toward Dogiyai,” said Vincent Goo, a family member who contacted JUBI, Saturday (16 / 4).

Until now the cause of death is a mystery for both victims. “We were from the hospital Siriwini (Nabire). We do not know why and who to kill? But clearly they were both killed, “said Vincent. Until this story was written two bodies will preach from the bottom to the family’s funeral home in the city of Nabire. (Wells)

Amnesty: Authorities must investigate unnecessary and excessive use of firearms by security forces in Papua


AI Index: ASA 21/010/2011
15 April 2011

The Indonesian authorities must ensure a prompt, impartial and effective investigation into the unnecessary and excessive use of firearms by security forces that led to the deaths of at least two Papuans and injuries to three others.

According to credible sources, on the morning of 13 April 2011 police officers from the Moanemani sub-district police (Polsek) raided a gambling operation at the Moanemani Market Complex in Dogiyai district in Papua province, seizing money belonging to Dominokus Auwe, aged 27. Later that morning when Dominokus Auwe visited the Moanemani sub-district police station to ask about his money, the police reportedly shot him in the chest and head, killing him in front of the station. Police continued shooting and injured two other men who had followed Dominokus Auwe. Albertus Pigai, aged 25, was shot in the ribs, while Vince Yobe, aged 23, was shot in the chest. Another man in the vicinity, Matias Iyai, aged 27, was also shot in the leg and foot.

In reaction to the shootings, at about 2pm, local Papuans in the area burnt down the Moanemani sub-district police station and the police barracks. They also attacked and injured a number of police officers.

In response, police Mobile Brigade (Brimob) and military units were mobilized from Nabire and other districts to Moanemani sub-district to conduct joint operations in the area from 13 to 15 April 2011. Alwisius Waine, aged 25, was reportedly shot during these operations. His body was found on the road near Ikebo village, Moanemani sub-district in the early morning of 14 April 2011, with a bullet wound in his chest. During the operations at least five houses were burnt down, reportedly by security forces. Many villagers have fled into the jungle.

Amnesty International acknowledges the difficulties faced by security forces in Indonesia, especially when confronted with violence. However, the power to use force is restricted by relevant international human rights law and standards, the basis of which is the right to life. This right is provided for in Article 4 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR), to which Indonesia is a state party, and in the Indonesian Constitution.

The UN Basic Principles on the Use of Force and Firearms state that law enforcement officials must apply non-violent means before resorting to the use of force and firearms. Intentional lethal use of firearms may only be used when strictly unavoidable in order to protect life.

Further, the 2009 Indonesian Police Regulation on the Use of Force highlights the need to respect the principles of legality, necessity and proportionality when using force, and provides a framework for police accountability when using force.

If the investigations find that there was unnecessary or excessive use of firearms by the security forces, then those responsible, including persons with command responsibility, should be prosecuted in proceedings which meet international standards of fairness, and victims provided with reparations.

In June 2009 Amnesty International published a major report, Unfinished Business: Police Accountability in Indonesia (Index: ASA 21/013/2009). The report highlighted the current weaknesses in existing internal and external police accountability systems, which contribute to the impunity of the Indonesian police.

In November 2009, Amnesty International and Indonesian NGO KontraS (The Commission for the Disappeared and Victims of Violence) sent a letter to the Police Chief of Papua on unchecked abuses in Nabire district, including excessive use of force, torture and other ill-treatment, and unlawful killings (Index: ASA 21/024/2009). To Amnesty International’s knowledge, there have been no investigations into the cases raised in the letter.

This incident once again highlights the need for the establishment of an external police oversight mechanism that is operationally independent from the government, political influence and the police itself. Its mandate should empower it to receive complaints; carry out effective investigations; and refer cases to the Public Prosecutor or to the police internal disciplinary body. Existing bodies such as the National Police Commission and the National Human Rights Commission are largely inadequate to deal effectively with public complaints about ongoing police abuses, and bring justice and reparations to the victims.

Working to protect human rights worldwide

Front Pepera PB: “Stop the Joint Indonesian Military/Police Operation against civilians in Dogiyai Regency”

Press Release Report



Secretariate: Padang Bulan II – Abepura – Jayapura – Papua


“Together for the History of the Star of the East”

Press Release

“Stop the Joint Indonesian Military/Police Operation against civilians in Dogiyai Regency”

On Wednesday April 13, 2011 at 2:30 PM local time, a bloody incident took place in Moanemani (capital of Dogiyai Rgency). This incident started with a protest by civilians objecting to the behavior of the local Police chief along with police officers in Moanemani, who seized toggle (gambling) money from local people.  According to the information obtained from trusted sources, the toggle site is owned by the Police chief and some police officers.  Police officers trust some local people to manage the gambling site.  Yesterday around midday, some local people were playing toggle near Moanemani market; at the time, a few police officers approached them and along with the Police chief, took away all of the toggle money that was in a plastic bag.  The toggle seller did not accept this behavior and went to face the Police chief, but one civilian named Domin Auwe (25 yrs) was shot dead in front of the local Moanemani police station; another civilian named Otin Yobe (23 yrs) was shot in the chest, with the bullet piercing the body beneath the armpit; and Amon Pigai (23 yrs) was shot in the waist and the chest.

Local people did not accept this brutal action.  Some local people burned down part of the local Moanemani Police station and burned some shops owned by Police officers.  A joint Military/Police unit was then deployed, attacking locals’ homes in Moanemani and environs.  According to information we have gathered so far, four civilians’ homes were burned by the joint Military/Police operation; locals were terrorized, intimidated, beaten and shot; locals’ herds and gardens were destroyed.

During the night, at midnight local time, two of the civilians who were shot during the day, Amon Pigai and Otin Yobe, were brought to the Nabire hospital for treatment; both are in critical condition.  Meanwhile, the joint Military/Police units were brought to Moanemani from nearby locations including Nabire so as to expand the local operation.  Transmigrant (Indonesian) populations were evacuated to Nabire and the surrounding region.

On April 14 2011 at 8 AM local time, a local person named Aloisuis Waine (35 yrs) was shot dead by a joint Military/Police arbitrary sweeping operation in Iikebo – Moanemani, Dogiyai Regency.

Moanemani, the capital of Dogiyai Regency, is in a state of violent terror.  Most local inhabitants have already escaped to nearby villages for safety; meanwhile those remaining are staying in their homes, while some are even hiding in bushes and forest.  To respond to this bloody tragedy, we firmly demand that:

1.      The arbitrary sweepings by Military and Police against civlians in Moanemani (capital of Dogiyai Regency) and surrounding area cease immediately;

2.      Papua Police Chief and Regional Mlitary Commander for XVII Cenderawasih command immediately accept responsibility for the shooting deaths of two civilian (Domin Auwe and Aloisius Waine) as well as the two other shooting victims (Amon Pigai dan Otin Yobe) who remain in critical condition at Nabire Hospital, and also other victims of shootings and beatings carried out during sweepings.;

3.      Local Police chief and Military Commander as well as soldiers and Police officers in Moanemani who have arbitrarily brutalized local people immediately be disciplined sternly (fired from their positions with Military or Police) and brought to justice and sanctioned in accordance with the level of brutality they have enacted;

4.      Papua Police Chief immediately ban gambling and specifically Toggle in Papua;

5.      Governor of Papua Province and Dogiyai Regency Government accept responsibility over the loss suffered by local people, including the burning of shops by locals as well as the burning of homes by the Military and Police, in addition to other damages;

6.      Papua Province Legislature immediately form a Humanitarian Team to advocate around the tragedy that has gripped the people of Moanemani, Dogyiai Regency;

7.      National Human Rights Commission immediately advocate for the victims of the bloody Moanemani tragedy.

That is our press release that we express with all sincerity in the hopes of follow-up action by all relevant actors.

Demikian siaran pers ini kami buat dengan sesungguhnya untuk ditindak-lanjuti oleh pihak-pihak terkait.

Jayapura, Thursday, April 14 2011

“Unity Without Limits, Struggle Until Victory”


(Public Head, WPPUSF (Front PEPERA PB))

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