More Mysterious Killings near Nabire

Jubi — After shootings and sweeps by rogue police officers and personnel of the Indonesian National Army (TNI) a few days ago in Dogiyai, families and residents currently in Dogiyai are again surprised by the discovery of two bodies of known identity.

The two bodies found were from Kampung Pouwouda, named Kris Pigome and Mark Goo, the children of the Tuwaida Village Head, Southern District of You, Dogiyai District. They were both found dead last night (15 / 4) in the path of the Trans Nabire – Ilaga road, 38 kilometers Nabire.

This incident was known by the family. “It happened last night. They both have advised us not to leave the house or do not make the trip to Dogiyai. But they are two stone heads. Those two seem to travel to return home. But they were killed in the middle of the journey toward Dogiyai,” said Vincent Goo, a family member who contacted JUBI, Saturday (16 / 4).

Until now the cause of death is a mystery for both victims. “We were from the hospital Siriwini (Nabire). We do not know why and who to kill? But clearly they were both killed, “said Vincent. Until this story was written two bodies will preach from the bottom to the family’s funeral home in the city of Nabire. (Wells)

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