MRP (Papuan People’s Assembly) Version 2 is the Enemy of Papua

From Rika Korain in Jayapura

Today, we, the Papua nation, are in mourning again on the passing of Mr. Agus Alue Alua, former chairman of MRP. He was called home by the Creator at 2 o’clock this afternoon Numbay time , Papua

He went after struggling with various polemics concerning the 2nd Edition of the MRP being forced (on Papua) by Jakarta. This is an explosive issue everywhere, and it is rumored that the main pressure was coming from the Red and White Line militia and the security forces who were forcing the removal of the names of the former members who were deemed to be vocal in defending the rights of the indigenous Papuans, and opposing Special Autonomy which resulted in the Special Assembly of the MRP last June.

It is possible he was under pressure because he was removed from being a member of this new MRP by the Minister for Security and the Home Affairs Minister, and considered a separatist because he facilitated the Special Assembly in June with its 11 recommendations.

Besides the late Mr Alua, Ms. Hana Hikoyabi’s name was also removed. This decision was made a long time ago but was only received at 1 this afternoon, while 73 other members by Kesbang since this morning were ‘quarantined’ at the Hotel Matoa Jayapura to wait for the inauguration which is being pushed through on Tuesday, 12 April later.

Throughout the morning, from Jayapura to the Sentani airport, military and police raids are being carried out and strict security controls are in place at Sentani airport, with full weaponry.

Our situation in Papua is increasingly erratic, only God is the source of our strength!

“Goodbye Mr National Struggler, a distinguished leader not afraid to face the political discrimination of the colonizers – your dream we will continue. Halawokh …”


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