Demonstration rejects MRP and criticises GKI Synod

JUBI, 8 March 2011

Several hundred people took part in a demonstration outside the offices of the governor of Papua and the Papua provincial legislative assembly office criticising the position taken by one of the chairmen of the Synod of the GKI church in Papua, the Rev. Yemina Krey, STh.

The demonstrators said that the Rev. Yemina had previously expressed
her rejection of the election of a second-term MRP along with other
denominations, yet she had now signed a recommendation put out by
several church leaders.

Her views were highlighted in a poster carried by some of the
demonstrators accusing her of now doing something that was deceitful for the Papuan people.

The poster accused her of selling out the indigenous Papuan people.

Other banners carried by the demonstrators bore slogans that are
frequently seen and heard in Papua: Special Autonomy is a Total Failure; the Papuan People’s Right to Life under Threat; Halt the Election and Swearing in of the MRP as a puppet of Jakarta; and Jakarta must Speedily Respond to the 11 Recommendations adopted by the MRP and Papuan People’s Representatives in June 2010.

The calls rejecting special autonomy and rejecting the new MRP came from a number of local groups taking part in the demonstration, among others: Parjal, the Street Parliament; the West Papua National Committee, KNPB, Political Prisoners of Papua – tapol-napol; and Front Pepera PB, and the West Papuan People’s Front for Self-Determination.

The demonstrators first gathered outside the office of the governor of
Papua where they presented their aspirations. From there they went to the office of the Papuan provincial legislative assembly later in the
afternoon for the same purpose.

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