Online Graphic Novel on West Papua

(Edit – this is the original 2010 version of the Graphic Novel which has now been updated in 2014.  For more information on the updated and rewritten 2014 version,  please see Permalink: )


Dear Friends,

Please help us help humanity by reading and encouraging other adults to read the graphic novel at (Does not yet work on mobile phones.)

The Illustrator and I have chosen to release the first three chapters (60 pages) now, given the urgency of the content but also because we can update and add to this “flip book” over time. (Try your scroll wheel to flip pages.)

If you care about disappearing cultures and biodiversity, you can help raise the world’s awareness of West Papua by forwarding this appeal to your friends and colleagues, or by letting them know about this through Facebook, Twitter or word-of-mouth.

If you enjoy the beautiful illustrations in this book and you come to appreciate the global significance and dire urgency of its story, please tell others about

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