State must safeguard the health of political prisoners, says Parjal


JUBI, 19 July 2012
[Comment: Just see how many Papuans are serving life sentences or twenty years. TAPOL]Papuan Street Parliament says state must guarantee the heath of tapols

Jayapura, 19 July, 2012

The  Papuan Street Parliament (Parjal) insists that it is the responsibility of the Indonesian government  to safeguard the right to life of Papuans who are still behind bars.

Yusak Pakage, the spokesperson of Parjal, said that as a former political prisoner himself, he knows that prisoners suffer many difficulties as a result of the use of violence. ‘The state should be responsible for medical treatment and for the prisoners’ right to life,’ he said.

The director of the district office of the Department of Law and Human Rights , Daniel Biantong announced last January that there were 23 Papuan political  prisoners, of whom 16 were being held in Wamena prison, three were being held  in Biak and  two  in Abepura. The two in Abepura were Philip Karma [usually spelt Filep] and Samuel Yaru.

Those being held in Biak are Numbuga Talenggu and Yafrai Murib who are both serving life sentences, while Kimanus Wenda and Linus Hiluka  in Nabire prison have been sentenced to 20 years and in Biak, Apotnagolik E. Lokobal has been sentenced to 20 years.

Other tapols who are serving sentences of  20 years are Kanius Murib who is being held in Wamena, while Samuel Yanu  who is being held in Abepura is serving a sentence of three years.

‘Because I  have myself spent time in prison in Wamena, I have a sense of solidarity with these political prisoners. It is the duty of the state to help them,’ he said.

[Translated by TAPOL]


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