The murder by Indonesian police of 3 young men in Jayapura

The following report was received via the intermediary of one of TAPOL’s reliable contacts:THE MURDER OF THREE YOUNG MEN IN JAYAPURA

The following two men, Yesa Mirin now deceased, and Paniel Taplo who is now undergoing treatment at the intensive care unit of Youwari Hospital are victims who were hit while taking part in a KNPB demonstration, the purpose of which was to call upon the police  to investigate  the shooting of the German citizen, Mr Dieter Helmut  who was shot on 29 May.

Report of the Incident

Jayapura, 4 June 2012: The late Yesa Mirin, 21 years old, was shot in the neck by the police while he was taking part in a KNPB demonstration on 4 June in Jayapura.

The shooting of Yesa Mirin occurred when a large crowd of KNPB members were approaching the area in eleven trucks, driving from Sentani to Taman Imbi; they were attacked by a group of policemen in the Harapan Jayapura kampung.

Yesa Mirin who was already dead was taken to the Youwari Hospital at 2pm.

According to a hospital attendant named Marthen, the examination of the body revealed that the victim had been shot in the neck  as well as being beaten which resulted in his head being covered in blood. Marthen also said that the victim had been taken away  in a truck with fifty members of the police force on board.

On 5 June, the KNPB planned to take the body of the victim to police headquarters in Sentani at 2pm to call upon the police to accept responsibility; however, the police brutally dispersed the crowd. Prayers were later said fot the victim at the secretariat of the KNPB in Sentani.

On 6 June, a large crowd of KNPB members together with the family of the victim planned to take the body to the cemetery in Waena but as the body of the victim was being taken to the cemetery, the police dispersed the family and KNPB members and took the body of the victim away to be buried in the public cemetery in Waena.

Jayapura: 4 June 2012 The victim named Paniel Taplo was shot and beaten until his body  was covered in blood by the police when he was together with the KNPB masses, along with the body of the other victim.

Paniel Taplo is now being treated in the intensive care unit of Youwari Hospital. Medical personnel say that the victim had been struck in the face until he was covered in blood and had also been shot in the neck. He is now critically ill.

Jayapura: 7 June: another victim named Teyu Tabuni, 17 years old, was shot by the police at 7.45am. The shooting occurred  as uniformed police drove passed the parking area of ojek vehicles (Dok V) Jayapura. Teyu Tabuni was a member of the National Committee of the KNPB who lived in Yapis Jayapura. He was shot as he was standing at the ojek parking area together with a colleague named Yopina Wenda.

According to Yopina, the dead man was shot by uniformed police and thereafter, the police fled from the scene after having shot the victim four times in the right side of his head.

According to Yopina,  at 8am, the police arrived at the location of the incident travelling in a truck and a black Avanta, and the victim was taken away to the hospital in Dok 2.

[The report is illustrated by photos of the three dead victims.]

Translated by TAPOL

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