BRIMOB Paniai severely beat teacher Yulian Yeimo

November 28, 2011

(ENAROTALI, Paniai, West Papua)  In another display of arbitrary brutality against civilians, members from the increasingly notorious Indonesian paramilitary police unit Brimob last Thursday severely beat a local teacher without cause.

Yulianus Yeimo, 46, a teacher from Paniai was beaten  at 15:00 local time on 24 November by Brimob officers at Kogekotu / awabutu field in Enarotali, Paniai, Papua.   Police Officers fractured Yeimo’s nose and jaw from repeated blows with rifle butts.  The injuries caused by the Mobile Brigade officers caused severe bleeding, with his tongue almost severed by blows from the rifle butts.

West Papua Media has verified the photograph as genuine, and consistent with injuries reported.  Local sources have reported that Brimob and military officers are constantly raiding houses, taking away traditional hunting wepons and gardening tools such as axes, machetes and knives.  According to the same sources, this has made work and finding firewood for cooking impossible.  Many people have fled into the surrounding hills for shelter, fearful of continued arbtitrary violence from Indonesian security forces.

Combined operations throughout the Paniai district by Indonesian police and army since July have displaced several thousand local people, with many unable to find food or effective shelter in the mountains.

The district is subject to increasing tension, so please stay tuned to for further updates.

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    1. what the hell do you call streaming blood? Picking bloody flowers? Just because you cannot face up to your own countries brutality doesn’t mean it isn’t happening? Or are you one of the brutalisers trying to deny your actions?

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