Triple J Hack: Papuans fear bloodshed after footage emerges of Congress Violence

ABC Triple J Hack – Sophie McNeill reports that footage has surfaced of the violent Indonesian military crackdown on the Third Papuan People’s Congress in West Papua on October 19, and speaks to West Papuan student’s about their friends’ experiences and concerns for Papua.

Aired on Hack: Wednesday 23 November

Listen/Download here:  WEST PAPUA 4-33

4 thoughts on “Triple J Hack: Papuans fear bloodshed after footage emerges of Congress Violence

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  1. I was born in New Guinea, I am a descendant of an oppressed people in Lexington, Massachusetts, U.S.A. Captain John Parker is my ancestor! I support Benny Wenda and every West Papuan native. Indonesia committed the same invasion and colonialism they threw the Dutch out for! What a land of hypocrits! Here is the deal, Benny is not convicted but a suspect and now a free man in the U.K. Indonesia government you are corrupt! You pay your Generals from the Freeport McMoran mine under the table! They are living lavish life styles while normal Indonesians work hard for their living! Where is free speech, free religion in West Papua? It does not exist! The truth! We the Christian majority of the U.S. will expose you Indonesian generals for the corrupt people you are! Why have you burned West Papuan churches and killed Christian ministers? We know you have! The truth cannot be hidden in the U.S.A. Your day in West Papua will be short lived! God and the wrath of the U.S.A. is coming! I suggest you start loading your troops and pulling them out now! It will not be long before the American public will be demanding you get out and if you will not there will be a military coming for you!

    1. Dear Mr Parker,
      We appreciate your heartfelt words support for exposing the struggle in Papua. That said, I do need to point out two things:

      Many in the Indonesian military are Christians too, and many in the Indonesian military killed Muslims just as equally. The issue here is militarism, colonialism and mafia behaviour – religion really does factor in to the decision to oppress, it is just used as a tool. Furthermore, many Muslim groups, especially the Muslim students and Nahdlatul Ulama in Indonesia are also demanding the generals pull out of Papua, as what they are doing “is against God’s law” (Allah is used as the word for God by Christians in Papua also).

      As for the US military coming to Papua – unfortunately they are already there – training, arming and supplying Kopassus and Detachment 88, and working at the Freeport mine. What people in the US really need to focus on is to force the US govt to withdrawal all financing, support,, training and arming of these killers until all human rights abusers have been held to account in a credible international court, until international monitors are allow into Papua without let, threat or hindrance to their work (or to their witnesses), and until the ban on international journalists is lifted (and until Papuan journalists can work three of threats to their safety).

      There are many campaigns in the US for West Papua that could do with your active support and passion – I would really suggest you contact for more info on this.

      Of course the other key work that needs to be done, is please spread the information we provide widely. Supporting the development of free and independent civil and effective journalism capacity is one of the critical steps towards shining a dark light into repressive contexts. We need your support to do it, either by spreading the word, organsing donations, (or both) or using our media to take action.

      With respect,
      Nick Chesterfield
      West Papua Media

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