TNI / POLRI kills unarmed Papuan civilians in Paniai

TNI / POLRI kills unarmed Papuan civilian in Paniai

Thursday 17 November: Media Alert

Local human rights defenders report that Matius Tenouye, a farmer from Tagaya Degeuwo Village , Bogobaida District, Paniai Kabupaten, Papua was killed by the Indonesian security forces on the 13 November.

According to reports received by West Papua Media Mr. Tenouye (39 years old) was crossing a bridge when he was struck by a bullet in the back. He then fell into the Degeuwo River and drowned. Relatives have been unable to retrieve his body.

The killing comes days after Jubi, an independent online media organisation in Papua, reported eight people being shot dead in Degeuwo by members of the security forces. There have also been reports of destruction of civilian property in Kogekotu village, Camp Bapouda, Camp Ipakiye and Camp Madi, all close to a gold mining area that has been the scene of long-standing conflict over land rights, corruption and control of mining activity.

The area is off limits to local and foreign journalists, and due to its remote location human rights workers are having difficulty safely accessing the scene.

Paramilitary Brimob police from the Paniai garrison, armed by the  Australian government, on Sunday(10am local time) launched an unprovoked  attack on traditional Mee tribal gold miners in Degeuwo, near Enaratoli.

Local human rights activist Servius Kedepa told Jubi that he  was unable to ascertain any apparent cause for the shooting.  However local observers have long pointed to a deep involvement of Brimob officers in the mining conflict in the regency.

Papuan community members from Degeuwo Paniai are reportedly seeking refuge in the jungle.

The Victims (and cause of death) are:

1. Matias Tenouye (30 yr) Bullet through Right thigh, femoral bleed ,

2. Simon Adii (35 years) The bullet penetrated ribs and exited through abdomen,

3. Peter Gobay (40 years) Shot in Chest.

4. Joel Ogetay (30 years) shot through the head

5. Benjamin Gobay  (25 years) massive chest trauma through shooting, rear exit wound.

6. Marius Maday (35 years) massive chest trauma through shooting, rear exit wound.

7. Matias Anoka (40 years )massive chest trauma through shooting, rear exit wound.

8. Yus Pigome (50 years massive chest trauma through shooting, rear exit wound.

The causes of death are consistent with standard rifle use shoot-to-kill training by aiming at the central body mass.


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