Papuan state leaders warn Papuan not to be provoked on 1 December

Bintang Papua, 17 November 2011The Federal Republic of West Papua (Republik Federasi Papua Barat) has issued an instruction to Papuan people everywhere  to beware of certain groups of people who will try to provoke the Papuan people to raise their flag, which will trigger a response from the security forces who may start shooting people. This is particularly necessary for 1 December which is Independence Day of the Papuan people.

The instruction was issued by Forkorus Yaboisembut, president of the Republic, and Edison Waromi, its prime minister.

The instruction was conveyed in a press conference  held by the spokesman of the transitional government, Jack Wanggai and a member of his staff, Heppi Daimboa, on Thursday.

He also said that  there are groups called the TPN which have been set up by the Indonesian army and police, who will try to provoke the Papuan people.

He also said that the name of the flag which until now has been publicised as Bintang Kejora is now called Bintang Fajar. This is in accordance with a decision taken at  th Papuan People’s Congress held from 24 May till 4 June, 2000 when it was decided to change the name of the flag from Bintang Kejora to Bintang Fajar. This decision was re-affirmed by a decision taken at the third Papuan People’s Congress  held from 17 – 19 October 2011, which also adopted decisions regarding the currency, and the seven tribal regions which are now called the seven federated states.

The President and the Prime Minister also called on  all Papuans to take part in thanksgiving prayers in locations that will be identified and should consist of peaceful actions, long marches and other activities. ‘Anything that happens outside these instructions are not the responsibility of the President and the Prime Minister,’ he said.

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