Neles Tebay welcomes the readiness of the government to enter into dialogue with Papua

Bintang Papua, 9 November 2011Jayapura:  Pastor Neles Tebay, co-ordinator of the Papua Peace Network has stated today that he has received information that the central government is willing  to have a dialogue with the Papuan people. He said that the offer from the goverenment, by the Minister-Coordinator for Politics and Law  to enter into construction communications with the Papua people was welcome.

‘We Papuan people should welcome the constructive communications being offered by the government, as the way to resolve all the crucial problems in Papua. Even though it is not entirely clear,  the willingness  to communicate with the Papuan people is a sign of good will and means that the government is very concerned about Papua.’

However, he said that the government must explain to the Papuan people what it means by constructive communications, and what form the government intends this to take. Are there phases through which this will pass This needs to be clarified.

We have only been hearing recently about Constructive Communications without it being made clear what this means. This needs to be brought within the context with the perception of the Papuan people for entering into dialogue between Jakarta and Papua.

He said that a meeting should be held with the Papuan people who want dialogue. In such a meeting, it should be possible to clarify the substance of a Jakarta-Papua Dialogue and Constructive Communications. This meeting should discuss the format of dialogue and the format of constructive communication that would be acceptable to both sides.

He expressed his optimism that there will be a resolution to the problem for the Papua people.

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  1. It is the Papuans not the puppet ones who should decide the main agenda or the essence of the dialogue. The third party, USA, Netherland and UNO should take part, as this is about the basic issue and the cause of NKRI human rights violation upon the Papuans. The Papuans clearly will detest and reject the willingness of the government to open a dialogue with the Papuans when it still talks about NKRI, autonomy and welfare. These are rubbish and symbolize NKRI evil thought to keep the Papuan to be part of NKRI so that Papua can feed NKRI inhabitants. Nobody trust this evil leaders (leaders who do not fear true GOD). This is evidently against civilized behavior (and God’s commandements) and NKRI will pay the price if she shamelessly forces her will to sustain the Land of Papua. East Timorese can get out of this evil nation because of UNO’s involvolment. This is surely to happen to Papua too. Nothing is impossible in God’s sight.

    1. Ali Khazan has the point. Dialoque should involve genuine OPM. What is unclearly identified or characterise is who is Papuans who are branded as the puppet of the Indonesian government who are those genuine papuan (OPM).In my opinion all West Papuans are equal just as the saying such as “there are many roads to Rome” goes, Papuans can take different ways to achieve their goals. One thing that Papuan people whereever they are should realise is the fact that they are Papuans. The papuans who do not have self-realization are not papuans. Papuans should establish trust between members of papuans and undertanding of the common goal that each groups and individuals struggling to achieve. One more point I like to bring to all papuan peoples’ attention is what Professor Ikrar Nusa Bhakti mention last week of “bargaining position”. I like to ask all papuans to understanding the meaning of this and related words/phrases like “bargaining”, “bargaining power”, “bargaining instruments”, “bargaining actors /agents’ etc. So Papuans should self-assess as to which of this the papuans possess or lack. Only then the Papuans should not be able to roll out possible straegies and approches. Whe you are im the Supermarket bargaining to purchase selected commodity for public use, you do not need potential user in USA or Carstenz mountain top to present there with you in the supermarket. However, if their presence for bargaining is badly needed then you ask the questions what is the agenda or commodity to be bargained and who actually have the ingenuine agenda. In order to attract the involvement of the OPM out in Exile and those on mountains, the NKRI should allow (if not agree)to the mediating role of the third party to which the JDP of the Fr.Dr,Neles Tebay’s last organised forum resolved and proposed. We have heard nothing of the NKRI government response to that reslolutions and or proposals.

      In absence of NKRI government’s response to the above said proposals
      I bed if the OPM in exile and up in mountains will response to further call for any dialog or what SBY prefer to reduce it to “communication” with Papuans in Papua or elsewhere in Indonesia without the third party
      mediating the communication, dialoq or bargaining.

      The last but most important point is that Papuans should bear in mind that deep down in NKRI government conscience is that notion which keep telling them that sooner or later West Papuans will be Free and Independence.

      Ignatius Mujijauw

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