4 Residents Shot Dead By Indonesian Police in Dogiay, West Papua

by Victor Yeimo, KNPB

[Dogiay, West Papua] – 4 residents, namely Dominikus Auwe, Pinsen Tigi, Alwisius Waine, and Matias Iyai from Dogiay (near Paniai, West Papua ) have been shot dead by Indonesian Police on 13 April 2011 at 3.00 AM.  During this operation, some others residents were injured.

According to local witnesses, this incident began when police wanted to disperse some people who were playing a gambling game.   These people were immediately attacked by the police, without giving any warning to the victims.

Until now, several houses (in DOgiyagi) have been burned down by police. About 2,000 residents fled to the forests because of last night, there are 7 companies of police were brought in from Nabire last nigh at 3.00 AM.

(WPMA NOTE: these are preliminary figures based on witness reports.  WPMA has no way of independently verifying these numbers at present, but given the severity of the operation the numbers would be accurate.  1 Company of Police would be approximately 100-150 men, depending on the unit)

Local people claim that AKP (Inspector) Marji Marpaun is immediately responsible for this incident.



http://myspecialdocumentaries.blogspot.com/  (tested, legitimate link)

Victor F. Yeimo,
International Spokesperson for the West Papua National Committee [KNPB]
“Tidak ada kemenangan revolusioner tanpa teori revolusioner”

6 thoughts on “4 Residents Shot Dead By Indonesian Police in Dogiay, West Papua

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  1. until when the Indonesian nation thinks we are not human though, we only prosecute people papua, proper education and equitable development, so that we align with other nations pale skin who steal oppress and even kill us in our beloved land of West Papua.
    ohh … sad … I and my people were oppressed

  2. kami bingun ini,POLRI,TNI tunjuk masyarakat dengan alat negara,kami pikir itu tidak wajar kerena masyarakat itu tidak tahu apa2 dan tidak punya alat2 moderen seperti itu,(NKRI)sudah melanggar ham,dan hukum.

    This confused us, Police, TNI appoint people with a country, we thought it was not fair because people did not know nothing and have no modern equipment like that, (NKRI) has violated human rights, and law.

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