Special Autonomy “Plus” not answering problems of Papua

May 17, 2013

 by  Oktovianus POGAU at SuaraPapua.com

NAPAS menggelar aksi di Jakarta kecam pelanggaran HAM yang terjadi di Papua (Foto: merdeka.com)
NAPAS rallies in Jakarta denouncing human rights violations in Papua (Photo: merdeka.com)

PAPUAN, Jakarta – The Draft Special Autonomy Law Plus (Otsus) that is being discussed with  the central government  and the governor of Papua province will be deemed not to answer the questions and the problems in Papua.

“To my assessment Autonomy Plus  will not answer the problems in Papua, Papuan people are only asking to hold a dialogue as the only peaceful solution,” Syamsul Alam, staff member of the Commission for Victims of Violence (KontraS), said in a discussion session about the release of  Political Prisoners in Papua, in KontraS office, Thursday (05/16/2013) yesterday.

According to Alam, granting Autonomy Plus will further extend the Papua issue, because so far government agencies in Papua were never worked together to build Papua as a land of peace.

” Five Papuan representation of Peace Conference have been selected since the Papuan Peace Conference was held  in Jayapura, but up to now the government has not determined a representation, Jakarta just responded by sending troops  to the land of Papua,” he said.

There is a structural pessimism that Jakarta-Papua dialogue would not happen if political prisoners were not released, then Papua situation gets worse, and the  sick political prisoners will not be positively paid attention to  by the government.

“Free the Prisoners, create a conducive situation in Papua, and immediately hold a peaceful dialogue between the central government and the Papuan people, is the best solution,” he said.

Zelly Ariane, coordinator of the National Papua Solidarity (BREATH) stated that from 30 April 2013 until mid of May, dozens of Papuan activists who expressed tehir views in a peaceful manner had been detained by Indonesian security forces.

“There are 29 people held by security forces since April 30, 2013 to mid of this month. We see a democracy in Papua completely shut down by the government, solidarity must be built to continue to fight against the government, ” Zelly said .

Meanwhile, Peneas Lokbere, Coordinator of United for Justice (BUK) said, there are many political prisoners in Papua who did not receive serious attention from the government, but when arrested they become the responsibility of government.

“The Prisoner just need cigarettes, sugar, or just a nut, no one cares and watch them over the years. Me and some friends in Papua always help, and voluntarily coordinate and  consider their needs, ” Peneas said .

Peneas also expect solidarity of the Indonesian people, the international community, and the people of Papua in particular, on this occasion because the political prisoners were arrested and jailed for fighting injustice and human rights violations in Papua.

In that discussion, it appeared that it was attended by representatives of Directory General of the National Institute of Correction, Papuan students, journalists, as well as various pro-democracy activists in Jakarta.

At approximately 2:30 am, the demonstration proceeded at the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights, in Jakarta, to ask the Coordinating Minister for Political and human rights to free the Prisoners / political prisoners in Papua.


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