SBY is trying to deceive the Papuan People


19 August 2012The chairman of NAPAS (National Papua Solidarity), Marthen Goo, has accused the president of Indonesia, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono of cheating the public and the Papuan people with statements he made in his address to the nation on 16 August 2012.

In a press release made public on 18 August, the chairman of Napas said that the president made two points with regard to Papua. Firstly he said that it will not be easy to resolve the problem of Papua, becaue specific, basic and comprehensive measures would need to be taken. His second point was that in order to ensure that the development programme proceeds, the government had set up a special unit known as UP4B – Unit to Accelerate  Development in Papua and West Papua. – which has the task of ensuring synergy, synchronisation and co-ordination between  all the stakeholders in the development process.

In this way, said the president, we will be able to systematically accelerate improvements in the welfare of the Papuan people. He then referred to the Special Autonomy Law for Papua – Otsus – as ‘our basic framework to imrpove services to the public, development and regional government.

Such words, said Marthen Goo were intended to deceive the public. ‘In fact, the way to reach a settlement is very easy. If the government wants to open its heart to the Papuan people, he should take the path of democracy by entering into dialogue or negotiations.’

‘The government  is simply making things more difficult and we in Napas regard this as the primary purpose of the government with regard to Papua and West Papua. What is all this development that the president is going on about?  And what does the president mean by talking about Otsus? He is simply talking rubbish.’

The president’s remarks showed clearly that  he is completely ignorant about the Papuan people. He is only hoping that people will start dreaming. And UP4B is just something to distract people’s attention and stifle the good intentions of the Papuan people who have called for dialogue as the way to solve the Papuan problem.comprehensively.

He said that what was needed was for  talks to be held immediately, mediated by a neutral third party, such as happened in the case of Aceh. He was just engaging in an attempt to trick and cheat the public.

On a previous occasion, the president spoke about the need for ‘constructive communications’ but to this day, nothing has happened. Neither of the two things that had been promised had happened. Instead, crimes against humanity were continuing to be perpetrated in Papua.’

‘ Now, we have the president talking about implementing UP4B which is nothing more than a programme to  force this unit on the Papuan people. In legal terms,  Otsus is a law and has a higher standing than UP4B. This shows the inconsistency in the government’s policy towards Papua,’ he said.

[Translated by TAPOL]


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