KNPB urge police to stop brutality against Papuans

Tabloid Jubi

AUGUST 8, 2012


Jayapura (7/8) — West Papua National Committee (KNPB) has requested that the security forces not  be arrogant in continuing to chase, arrest and interrogate people who do not know anything, without following procedures that are applicable in Indonesia

This statement is conveyed by KNPB Spokesman, Wim R. Metlama.  KNPB also strongly condemned the arrest of the former Chairman of the KNPB, Buchtar Tabuni.  Buchtar, now the Chairman of the National Parliament of West Papua (PNWP), was prosecuted without legal evidence, and with facts unclear.

Medlama explained that the request is also associated with the arbitrary kidnappings of Doga Tabuni (29 years) and Alex Dagay (25 years) by plainclothes security forces on Monday (6/8) at 15:00 CLT at Housing III Waena, Jayapura, Papua, in Cenderawasih University’s Dormitory area.

“They were then subjected to interrogation process under the bridge at New Street.  The security apparatus also asked them about who spoke with a  few people in the police search listings.  They even offer some facilities (inducements) to the detainees if they were able to inform on the whereabouts of people that they are looking for, like (at a) pigsty and a mini kiosk, “said Metlama, accompanied by KNPB activist Tinus Yohame  in the press conference in Abepura, Tuesday (7/8).

Metlama also urged the disclosure of the (facts behind the) shooting of Mako Tabuni, including efforts to arrest the new Chairman of the KNPB, Victor F . Yeimo by the police outside the Court trial of Buchtar Tabuni trial. “Thus Spake KNPB to urge that the police to stop brutality outside the legal procedures against Papuan people, particularly the activists of KNPB,” he said. (Jubi / Eveerth)

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