Entire Paniai villages forcibly evacuated by Brimob Gegana

December 7, 2011

Disturbing reports have been provided to West Papua Media overnight showing the latest human rights violations by Indonesian police against civilians in West Papua.

Human rights, church sources and local activists had independently claimed that 542 people have been forcibly evacuated by troops from the Special Gegana Brimob “Counter” terrorist police unit.  The villages of Dagouto and Kopabatu and surrounding hamlets in the Dagoutu Paniai district were evicted after the Gegana unit decided it wanted to expand a new headquarters facility to deploy in the offensive against Jhon Yogi, the local leader of the armed guerilla unit of the National Liberation Army (TPN-OPM).

Two Brigades of BRIMOB based in Papua, and a Brigade from Kalimantan will be housed in the sprawling new complex squatting on the former villages.

This comes after the Gegana unit was involved in an armed attack on a peaceful raising of the banned Morning Star flag on December 1, the 50th anniversary of an event widely seen to be West Papua’s first day of independence.

POLRI GEGANA anti-terrorism troops attacking peaceful flagraisers, Taokou Village, East Paniai , December 1 (West Papua Media)

Reports from the area have been sporadic and it is still unconfirmed if civilians were arrested, injured or killed in the flag seizure.

POLRI GEGANA anti-terrorism troops attacking peaceful flagraisers, Taokou Village, East Paniai , December 1 (West Papua Media)

The Gegana unit, a specialised elite anti-terrorist unit of the Indonesian police has been deployed heavily across Papua to crackdown on pro-independece activists engaged in non-violent resistance, as well as to eliminate the armed stuggle groups.  Gegana is one of several elite Indonesian police units that receives arms, funding, and training from the Australian Government, and was blamed on December 3 for burning down a church and school in Wandenggobak, in the highland regency of Puncak Jaya.

According to sources in Paniai, the local government (regency level) have guaranteed to shelter and feed the displaced evacuees, and the local government will have to support the relief operation alone.  Reports indicate that the evacuees will be held in a secure camp in a local government owned Uwatawogi Community Hall in Enaratoli, Paniai.   Indonesian police who caused the displacement has provided no information about supporting civilians they have displaced.


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25 thoughts on “Entire Paniai villages forcibly evacuated by Brimob Gegana

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  1. I have written to both sides of my gutless Australian Government but only got a reply from the liberal party. Seems they don’t think there is a problem in West Papua as their “advisors” are telling them the situation is only small pockets of local trouble makers and that Indonesia would never commit human rights abuse????
    Tha Labor party just puts it in the “too hard basket” and refuses to address or answer questions from Australian’s. I’ve been trying to get hold of a West Papua Flag to raise above my house but can’t find one at all. I will still Email, write and phone my pathetic (Indonesian puppet) Politicians in Australia while attacking the Media for not reporting what should be front page news. We kicked the animal Indonesians out of East Timor and West Papua is on our doorstep full of Australia’s old mates (Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels). If the Yanks didn’t have so much money tied up there, I’m sure we could kick arse again. Kopasuss are just a puss filled, aids spreading form of sub human vermin that without weapons would all run like dogs as they did in East Timor.
    I have never been more disgusted in my Australian Government. God bless the Kiwi’s as they call a spade a bloody spade and report the truth of whats happening there.
    I hope the West Papuans can hold on untill the world acts at long last to the Indonesian Genocide.

      1. So because another country is a slaughtering bunch of colonial land thieves, that makes it ok to treat people like animals and steal their land? You Javanese colonists are nothing different to the Dutch who oppressed you. The difference is, colonist, this is 2014, not 1967. Anyway, this was reported by West Papuan journalists, and the Coordinating Editor of WPM is of Aboriginal Descent. There is only a few “white” person involved in the production of WPM, and they are all of anti-colonial, anti-racist heritage.

    1. We disallowed the previous comment in the standards of community respect. However, the first comment was not properly moderated either and we apologise for that. Without second guessing the first comment poster’s intentions, what Indonesia, represented by their military, did in East Timor was animalistic without argument. People with humanity do not burn down civilian villages, torture, and slaughter hundreds of thousands of people as punishment for having a desire to be free. The sooner Indonesia accepts that their military are inhumane and a threat to all peoples continued human security across the Asia Pacific, and takes responsibility to sending these war criminals back to their barracks, or better still the dock, the sooner Indonesia will be free too.
      No-, Indonesia is not homogenous. WestPapuaMedia for one is proud to have many good Indonesian friends who believe a just society is one that respect the human dignity of all, and work very hard to get rid of that parasite monkey on your backs called the TNI. That is why we cooperate to report on the misdeeds of your security forces, and your State’s inability to treat Papuans as human beings.

  2. I am very sorry for insulting the few Indonesians who are decent and law abiding. and to answer “LW” yes I have met a few indonesians and they have all told me they were raised with the idea that, at one time, Australia was a part of Indonesia and should be taken back. Wonder what spin the Australian Media would put on that? While I will try not to judge ALL Indonesians by the actions of Kopasuss/Detachment 88 and other like minded animals with guns, I find it very hard to do so when all I meet and speak to think the Genocide is perfectly fine. These “troops” see the genocide of the West Papuans as “animal control” but as soon as an Aussie calls these “troops” animals its WW3?. over 200 years ago the british invaded Australia and killed off a lot of Koori tribes but Australia has come a long way in over 200 years. MANY (but not all) Indonesians I have spoken to use the excuse of what the British did over 200 years ago to justify the Genocide of the West Papuans today. The insane idea that “you did it so we can to” is that of retarded animals. as THESE animals have guns that the Australian Government and others supplied. it should be a criminal act. Aiding murder/rape/torture and extortion is against the law unless your a Politician.
    The TNI have no respect and the Indonesian Government has no control over them. The TNI have been described as the biggest Mafia like organisation on the planet. calling this lot animals just insults animals.

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