ELSHAM Update from Paniai + Urgent Correction

Elsham reports the following:

  • 3 people died from diarreah and exposure – a two year old baby on the 9/11 and a 47 woman and 4 year old child on the 14/11.
  • Six villages were burnt: Toko, Badawo, Dagouto, Obayoweta, Dey and Wamanik.
  • 1,715 have fled their homes.
  • (Independent West Papua Media sources have reported that the 1715 are ONLY those people who are housed in a police supervised secure “Care Centre” at Uwatawogi Hall in Enaratoli – many thousands more have abandoned their villages and are currently unaccounted for).

The report covers events in Paniai up until the TNI/POLRI raid on Eduda. The report (in Indonesian) is attached.

For more information and interviews in English or Indonesian please contact West Papua Media for a direct Elsham contact

West Papua Media


The Report yesterday “Shootings, village burnings and helicopter attacks continue across Paniai” provided a list of names of 15 people allegedly shot by Indonesian security forces during the raid on Markas Eduda.  West Papua Media conducted extensive cross checking with sources last night to ensure the veracity of this list, and was assured by over FIVE independent sources that the information and names were correct.

However, new information has come to hand that claims that these names were victims from a previous military operation.  Until we can prove or disprove this new information unequivocally, we will treat these names as Unconfirmed Deaths.  Witnesses have described deaths however, and the confirmed live fire, village burnings, occupations, grenade throwing, and helicopter strafing will produce significant casualties.  We will update as we have more confirmed information.

The situation in Paniai is highly fluid, constantly changing and thoroughly closed to outside journalists, which makes real time verification extremely difficult.  Our network of citizen sources is also subject to poor communications, and is subject to a massive live fire military offensive, with civilians being targeted and communications heavily disrupted.  West Papua Media has been reporting on events in real time and the nature of real time reporting is that facts can change on the ground as fast as a situation, and our reporting will reflect those changes.

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