People’s Liberation Party slams activist’s arrest at Papuan independence demo

Indowarta – August 3, 2011

Partai Pembebasan Kecam Penangkapan Anggotanya Dalam Demo KNPB – Indowarta. Rabu, 03 Agustus 2011

Jakarta — The People’s Liberation Party (Partai Pembebesan Rakyat, PPR) has slammed the arrest of comrade Suryanta Ginting (a PPR member) by the Metro Jaya Regional Police when he was giving a solidarity speech during an action by the West Papua National Committee (KNPB) in front of the State Palace on Tuesday August 2.

The condemnation was conveyed by PPR spokesperson Budi Wardoyo in an SMS message. According to Wardoyo, the action in front of the Palace was held to support the international conference “West Papua – The Road to Freedom” being held today by International Lawyers for West Papua (ILWP) in London.

“The conference will be pushing for the Papua problem to be taken to the International Court, so that the Papua problem can be resolved through international standards and legal principles”, explained Yoyok, as Wardoyo is usually called.

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Wardoyo said that the arrest of comrade Surya clearly indicates the lack of good faith on the part of the regime of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and Vice President Boediono in resolving the Papua problem democratically.

“We demand that comrade Surya be released immediately and the violence in Papua must be stopped along with the withdrawal of all non-organic military personnel from Papua, for the sake of creating a democratic dialog between Papua and Indonesia”, concluded Wardoyo.

On Tuesday August 2, around 100 protesters from the KNPB held a protest action in front of the State Palace in Central Jakarta. In a press statement the KNPB gave its full support to the International Lawyers for West Papua conference in London and conveyed their highest appreciation to the international community that has joined in supporting the West Papua national independence struggle.

The KNPB also urged the Yudhoyono government to immediately withdraw all organic and non-organic military and police personnel from the territories of West Papua. (Imam)

[Translated by James Balowski.]

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  1. Indonesia is nothing more than a corrupt military dictatorship. Australian’s and the world can see them for what they are, ANIMALS!
    The Australian Government is being “attacked” by the voters for NOT acting on the will of the people! We Aussies are disgusted at what Indonesia and its spinless Kopassus have done and are doing to the good people of West Papua.
    There are 1000s of Australians, who, like me, are pushing our Government to do ALL it can to stop the bastard Indonesians. If I had my way I’d NUKE Jakarta! I hope this will come soon and your freedom MUCH SOONER! GOD be with you all.

  2. Bernie, thanks for your passionate reply. However as you can see in this report there are also plenty of ordinary Indonesian people who will put themselves on the line and get arrested to stand up for the rights of their human brothers and sisters in Papua. Nuking those folks would just make millions of survivors very angry, when they too can be fighting for human rights across the whole region.

    The problem is always the Indonesian military and the ineffectual state this is still under its control, fully aided and abetted by the Australian Government. Remember, it is Australia that arms the Indonesian paramilitary police; It was Australia that pressured East Timor to drop the War Crimes trials; it is Australia that provides machine guns and torture equipment from Australian companies; it is the SAS that trains Kopassus in torture, intelligence and warfare techniques that they then use on Papuan people. It is Australia that fully refuses to accept responsibility for arming, training, and legitimising murderers.

    It is also Australian mining companies that pay Kopassus and other elements of the military to protect their destructive mines, like Freeport (Rio Tinto) and Clive Palmer’s Raja Ampat nickel mines; it is Australian hardware stores like Bunnings, Mitre 10, Super A-Mart and Home that are full of Indonesian military logged illegal timber from Papua; it is Australian hotels and restaurants that make their outdoor decking out of Papua’s forests to house their feeding troughs for rich Australians living off Rio Tinto share portfolios. It is Australian cosmetics and food cartels that fill their products with palm oil that is destroying Papua AND Indonesia.

    And finally, it is Australian politicians of both stripes that refuse to stand up to the Indonesian military mafia by ending/criminalising any of the above, and refuse to countenance the most important human right of all: Article 1.1 of the International Covenant of Civil and Political Rights – The Inalienable, Universal Human Right to Self-Determination.

    The best thing good hearted Australian people like yourself can do is to take action against your own government to make it clear that colluding with killers makes them accessories to Genocide.

    If you want to roll up your sleeves, you – as a people – should help Papuans AND Indonesians get that military mafia monkey off their back. There are 230 million people in Indonesia, and about 500,000 military and crony parasites. By standing with people, helping them develop the capacity to communicate freely and make their own media, and assisting people to stand against injustice, Australian goodwill can go a long way. A grateful, free population at Australia’s doorstep is always the most effective security blanket that any country could want.

  3. Thank you for your reply and words of wisdom, I will use what you have written to further push MY BASTARD Politicians as I and many like minded Aussies have done.
    While I do realise there are good people in Indonesia, I have sadly not met any yet.
    every Indonesian that has said anything about their Government/Military and Police, have all said what a “wonderfull” job they are doing and the People of Papua don’t count?
    For the record, I am NOT a racist! To me it does not matter where you are born, what color your skin is, what religion you have or even your sexual preference! If your are an arsehole you will be treated like one, pure and simple!
    I have connections with the Australian Military and I can tell you OUR SAS despise what our Government is forcing them to do! The Defence Minister has said we no longer train the spinless Kopassus? just as the USA has stopped training? can you supply a list of companies, as you have done in your reply, that have supplied weapons or military equipment so I can “target” them as well.
    I did notice you never mentioned Indonesian Police or Politicians as being corrupt? While I will now direct my disgust at MY Politicians (as I have been doing) in a far more heated way, I do find it strange you have omitted the two just mentioned? surely you are not suggesting it’s ONLY Australian Politicians that need to be put against a wall and shot? The voting system here has been rorted so the only two political parties that will ever gain power are labor & libs! as soon as anyone tries to beat them and gets the majority of Australians support, the media and both labor & libs gang up and “gang rape” them to look like they are not worth voting for??? The general public are becomming wiser but still mostly rely on the bloody media for “news”? and well all know how much the media lies!
    Please supply a list of Aussie companies so I can better direct my anger?
    Thanks for your reply
    flying the West Papuan flag
    Bernie McClafferty

    1. Bernie,
      glad this discussion in going on! For the record, the only reason I didn’t mention the police and politicians being corrupt, is that is a given, and if I outlined EVERY corrupt institution in Indonesia, then we wouldn’t have time to write articles about their behaviour in Papua ;->

      At the core of it though is this fact. Less than 20% of Indonesian military and police funding comes from the state, and so they raise their funding through private business venture – illegal and “legal”. They are the biggest, most organised, and most heavily armed, mafia on Earth – and that includes Russia. Everything that can make a buck has the TNI tentacles over it: little shops and market vendors, illegal logging, palm oil ,arms smuggling, drug manufacture and trafficking (the source of the majority of the planet”s methamphetamine); human, wildlife, fishery and flora trafficking; illegal mining, and protection rackets across Melanesia. And of course their biggest protect racket that they run in Canberra – threatening to out the sex crimes of certain Australians in uniform unless they do exactly what they are told by Jakarta. In the greatest tradition of wayang kulit.

      And the AFP are also heavily in bed with training killers in Detachment 88 also, completely funding this unit with the US, and building the Jakarta Centre for Law Enforcement Cooperation.

      Unfortunately I have to be careful about PUBLICLY outlining exactly which companies are involved, but we DO have a list, and would be quite happy to provide a list. If you contact us via the secure form link on the contact page with a similar return address we can assist (I am sure you can understand the necessary security given we are dealing with Merchants of Death).

      We are in the process of putting together a legally rock solid exposure of these companies which will be released in due course, but many are everyday companies with huge exposure to government aid (corporate dole-bludging) in Australia. Included in this list are the Australian telecommunications corporations that provide the Indonesian military with technology to track down and kill civilian dissidents.

      It is such a pity that SAS folks who do not agree with this policy conscientiously refuse, or sabotage the training – and provide evidence to us about the nature of what exactly they have to train. I have met enough myself that hate it, and liken it to the US training of Al-Qaeda and Australian training of the Khmer Rouge. Did I just say that? Terrible.

      Personally, I wouldn’t advocate the politicians’ execution, but I would advocate their assets be frozen, as with the assets of their mates in Australia. Like certain ex- Federal ALP presidents and current MPs, and their property developer mates of Suharto Inc, that have massive holdings with the cattle industry (yes the very same people who just got busted with the live export trade); and who allegedly have huge holdings with Indonesia’s two richest brothers (and the Bin Laden Group) in the Merauke Integrated Food and Energy Estate).

  4. Under the Australian constitution, citizens have certain rights and obligations that are not taught in schools. The reason for this is simple, The Politicians do not want the public to know just how much power we have!
    Most Politicians claim a “mandate” once voted in and disregard whatever they got voted in for from that point!
    I will supply and example of a “Will Letter” I sent to Australian Defence Minister Smith. If more Australian’s sent “Will Letters” by Registered post, The Politicians MUST, by the Australian Constitution, ACT ON THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE! ALL “Will letters” I have sent, have been answered. I am just one man and while they answered, I did not expect much to change.
    After your reply to my venom against ALL Indonesians, I will no longer think of ALL Indonesians as I do their Military/Politicians and Police.

    Please feel free to use the way my “Will Letter” has been worded as this is the best way to get Australian Politicians to do SOMETHING! They know its the law here to answer this type of letter!
    I still firmly believe the amount of “AID” Australia sends is far too much and the majority of it simply ends up in corrupt hands! I am NOT alone in that thought and if put to a vote here, it would end!
    next post will be the example of “my Will Letter”

  5. Dear Minister Smith
    My name is Bernard C.McClafferty and I write to you as an Australian citizen & registered voter.
    As you must be aware, it is my duty under the Australian constitution, to keep you informed of my
    will on ALL matters that come before Parliament or should come before Parliament.
    It is therefore “MY WILL” that you confirm or deny, the training of Indonesian Military by this
    I find it disgusting that Australia would even remotely consider this thought!
    Kopassus troops have a long history of human rights abuse from East Timor to the present day in
    West Papua. Kopassus are so proud of their murder, rape, Torture & extortion, that they film it for
    the world to see on U-Tube!
    The MAJORITY of Australian’s REALLY are disgusted at the waste of taxes we throw at Indonesia,
    in the false title of “aid”. This “aid” has increased from $458 million per year to who knows what
    after the cattle ban fiasco!
    When the UN had labelled Indonesia as “THE MOST CORRUPT MILITARY
    WHY then does this Government deal with them in ANY WAY?
    Minister Smith! It Is also “MY WILL” that you STOP ALL Military Training with ANY section
    of Indonesian Military and STOP IT IMMEDIATELY!
    The Murder, Rape & Torture of men, woman AND CHILDREN! will be on your hands if you do
    nothing to stop this!

    1. Thanks, please let us know what the response is – probably just the pro-forma, but you have worded it in a way that they cannot just issue a standard response. Good work.

  6. As a child I grew up before the term “racist” was invented. in my family there was no such thing. The first “black man” I came accross was in primary school and was one of the “stolen generation”. I got into more fights with my fellow countrymen, defending my abo mates than I can count! my own father read the “riot act” to many businesses over the way they treated not only me as I stuck up for my mates but my abo mates as well. I’m 54 now with kids & grandkids but I WOULD take up arms against the stupid Kopassus in their silly red hats in a heart beat!
    I also had another school mate who’s father was a well known doctor in Papua. this school mate grew up there till 4th year in primary school and his house today looks like a Papuan museum!
    I will not stop pushing for Papuan independance no matter what!
    I will look for your “secure” contact page and send my postal but my Email is just as good.
    I have been looking for the west Papuan flag to fly on my 12 acres or even a papuan flag T-shirt but can’t seem to find much?
    If I can spread the word, I will do it without hesitation!
    I simply despise corruption at any level.
    The “Will letter” to My Defence Minister may take some time as the Immigration “Will letter” I sent took one of his “underlings 7 months to reply!
    This fool lied in writing and I am waiting for THAT minister to respond to the lies. hope it does not take another 7 months?
    Hope to further the cause ASAP
    Bernie McClafferty

  7. Have you got that list of Australian companies that supply “aid” & weapons to Indonesia?
    I sent my details to your secure section but not heard back from you yet.
    I tried getting this info from sections of the Aust.Govt but bllod from a stone would be quicker.
    Still flying the Morning Star

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