Breaking News: 4 shot dead in Nafri, West Papua


Monday August 1, 2011


[Jayapura] Reports are emerging that four people have been shot dead on Monday morning in an incident in Nafri village,in Abepura, West Papua.

According to independent sources, 10 people received gunshot wounds at 5.30am whilst travelling to Arso from Jayapura on a passenger truck.  10 passengers were shot while on the truck, with 4 dead and 6 wounded.  The dead were taken to RS Bhayangkara (police hospital).

Ahmad Saud, 27; M. Saiun, 25; Budiono, 22 – all from Arso 9 – and Siti Amimah, 49; and Tarmuji, 49, both of East Koya; received serious gunshot wounds and are at UGD RS Abepura (emergency).  The victims were all transmigrants from outside of Papua.

Private Dominikus Kerap, a member of Company C 756 Infantry Battalion Senggi died at the scene.

Shootings have regularly occurred against Indonesian transmigrants in this area, which is infamous for its lack of cover.  After incidents in 2007, 2008 and 2009, police have so far failed to investigate the incidents and no perpetrators have ever been found.  Despite this, a local source has indicated that police have at the time of writing ‘found’ evidence at the site in Nafri, traditional weapons and a Morning Star flag, and they have communicated to West Papua Media that “blaming TPN seems to be in the works”.

However, sources have indicated that there is a great deal of tension around the Jayapura region in the lead up to mass pro-independence demonstrations across Papua tomorrow.

A stringer for West Papua Media has spoken with representatives of the TPN-OPM (National Liberation Army – Free Papua Organisation), who have emphatically denied that the shootings were the work of any Papuan assailants.  “We believe that these shootings are intended to cause fear to thwart the (mass nonviolent civil resistance) action tomorrow,” according the the spokesman, via SMS.

Activists have separately reported to West Papua Media that several sweeps by security forces against activists were occurring throughout the night early on Monday morning.

It is not known at this stage if the shootings are related to the recent stated policy of the Indonesian police to carry out extrajudicial executions on people they suspect of being engaged in petty street crime.  West Papuan people are often routinely harassed by Indonesian security forces and often falsely accused of petty crime..

More information as it comes to hand.

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