Plea for help from Puncak Jaya against TNI military operations

(Please note: By republishing this plea for help, West Papua Media does not necessarily explicitly endorse the call for arms.  We believe the situation would be far better served by allowing international journalists, and UN peacekeepers to be sent into this area to prevent this carnage.  However, in the absence of this, all peoples have the right to self-defence and self-determination, and therefore we cannot oppose the legitimate calls to assist in self-defence).
Report from Piron Moribnak

The doubts of  people living in the central highlands about a socialising programme  launched by the commander of Cenderawasih Military Command/XVII to create harmony which has been under way since 2 May 2011 have been confirmed. The programme is nothing more than a shield which became clear when troops involved in the socialising programme suddenly halted these activities and started to conduct sweepings as part of a military operation.

Since 6 – 8 July, fully armed troops have surrounded the headquarters of the TPN/OPM under the command of General Goliat Tabuni in Tingginambut and a battle has been raging since 5 July during which three TNI soldiers were shot in Kalome, district of Tingginambut, and were flown by helicopter to Jayapura.

The TNI’s programme to build houses for the local people and to give sermons at prayer meetings on Sundays as well as to carry out mass medical treatment for local communities  has failed to win the support of the local communities. They have rejected TNI sermons in the churches, while the offer of medical treatment has failed to persuade the local people to get medical treatment free of charge . On the contrary, the local people have chosen to remain silent and have fled from locations where mass medical treatment is on offer. This is because the Papuan people living in Puncak Jaya regard the military as murderers of the Papuan people and have refused to accept these military programmes.

The army’s socialising programme in Puncak Jaya is nothing but a shield and a cover-up of the violation of human rights at a time when human rights are of paramount importance throughout the world.

The TNI is concealing its plan to crush General Goliat Tabuni by means of military operations so as to enable them to counter our doubts about these socialising activities because we have been disrupted and have taken measures to protect ourselves.

It is an irony that we Papuan people do not possess the means to resist the TNI which has all the necessary equipment whereas Goliat Tabuni has nothing more than a few of weapons, making it very difficult for him to mount a proportionate response . Is there a country anywhere in the world that is willing to supply military weapons to Goliath Tabuni to make it possible for him to make a proportionate response?  … if General Goliat is forced to end his struggle … at the hands of the TNI?   [/Several gaps in this sentence make it difficult to decipher the precise meaning. TAPOL/]

We pray that there is nowhere in the world for their protection and that Almighty God will protect us.

This is our response to the call by the chief of police in Puncak Jaya  via the intermediary of the head of the district of Mulia  for the local people to halt all their activities from 8 July and to remain in their homes from 6pm every evening.

NOTE: General Goliat Tabuni  is now seriously cornered because of his lack of weapons and we call for the prayers of the Papuan people everywhere in the fight against the NKRI military and for strength from the Almighty God.

[Translated by TAPOL]

7 thoughts on “Plea for help from Puncak Jaya against TNI military operations

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  1. Dear all,

    May peace be upon you !

    If Indonesia is right why does he avoid a direct and fair talk with the Papuans mediated by third party or UNO? The answer is quite clear and simple – she will corwardly lose. Papua large teritory and richfull natural resources are the main reasons why she forced act of no choice in 1969 and keeps on using this untrue fact to justify her cowardly grab and killing on Papuans unarmed leaders and intellectuals.

    We all know from the history if they did nothing when two marines were hanged in Singapore. They could not defend their island which was taken by Malaysia. But for the Papuans, with scrapped weapons they still cowardly kill innocent people who struggle for their right. This is foolish, strange and arrogant. They will think twice when world forces begin to come to Papua to encertain that the Papuans’ right is respected and restored.

    What they have been doing in Papua shows hypocritcial action to impress the world and the Papuans thru their one-sided thought-plan – special autonomy is to feed new illegal inhabitants outside of Papua and have more illegal and poor people outside of Papua come to Papua to outnumber the local Melanesian people. All these only convince local Papuans of its true identity as a nation – evil, greedy, shameless, immoral, hypocritical.

    They forget that the God of the Papuans is watching what she is doing on this blessed land. When God’s time has come, Indonesian 100 millons or 200 millions inhabitans will not prevent this. What they do is against God’s command. They do realize this but have no courage to admit and return what is due to the Papuans.

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