Freeport Workers willing to meet and speak directly to James R. Moffett and Richard C. Adkerson

THOUSANDS WORKERS of PT.Freeport Indonesia, Privatization and Contractor Strike

Statement by Frans Bernhard Okoseray, PUK FSP KEPmuSPSI PT Freeport Indonesia

July 9, 2011

In preparation for the Joint Working Agreement negotiations on the Welfare PT.Freeport Indonesia thousands of workers, there were problems in the Organization of Trade Unions of the Regional Leadership FSP KEP SPSI and SPSI PT Freeport Indonesia’s Trade Union Committee, the Chairman and Board Member in charge of PUK SPSI PTFI solve the problem.

At the Chairman of the Board PUK SPSI PT Freeport Indonesia and resolve the internal problems of the organization, the Management Department of Industrial Relations PT.Freeport Indonesia issued a
Violation Call Work.

Team SPSI PTFI PUK, led by Chairman Sudiro, invitation and clarifies the issue.

In the absence of good faith on the part of Management PT.Freeport Indonesia, to conduct negotiations of the Joint Working Freeport, after the union SPSI PUK PTFI solve problems of organization and filed a Request for Collective Labor Agreement Negotiations, Department of Industrial Management PT.Freeport Indonesia convey Disciplinary Action Letters Termination of Employment and laid-Chairman and Board SPSI PUK PUK PTFI the Union FSP KEP SPSI deliver Notice of Strike Action Peace to the Leadership Company PT.Freeport Indonesia, from June 4 to 11 July 2011.

On July 30, 2011 The meeting was held in the building between the Union Bappeda Mimika PUK FSP KEP SPSI PT Freeport Indonesia, Chairman of the SPSI Branch, Regional and Central and Time States Interagency Committee established by the Chairman of the Workers Union Local FSP KEP SPSI (Nurhaidah), Head of Department of Labor Mimika regency, Assiten Mimika District III Secretary and Management PT.Freeport Indonesia.

In the meeting of the Central Executive FSP KEP SPSI Workers Union issued a decision letter from the post of Chairman of Dismissal Nurhaidah Regional Leadership FSP KEP SPSI.

The meeting resulted in 3 (three) things:
1. Troubleshooting Internal Organization
2. Troubleshooting layoffs given to the Chairman and Administrator SPSI
3. And Revocation of Letters Strike

Stage of completion:
1. Night On July 30, 2011 issue of Internal Organization has been completed with each of the Chairman of FSP KEP SPSI
2. On 1-2 July 2011 meetings were held with the Head of Department of Labor Mimika. In the meeting request of Trade Unions to Revoke Management PTFI the Termination Letter is given to the Chairman of PUK SPSI PT Freeport Indonesia and board members, and recognize the existence of Sudiro as Chairman of PUK SPSI elected democracy by Freeport Workers with board members to conduct the Joint Working Deliberations PT.Freeport Indonesia the period 2011-2013. If the request is accepted by Management, the Mail Strike in Disconnect. The willingness of the parties PTFI Management is to lose the status of Termination of Letter of Warning to a 3 (three), whereas the Union offer a Warning Letter 1 (one), in bidding between the two sides between the Unions and Management PT Freeport Indonesia, the Head of Department of Labor Work offers a Warning Letter 2 (two), the Offer will not be received by the Management PTFI, so that the two sides, namely the Trade Unions and Management PTFI SPSI PUK declared there was no agreement, resulting in strike action of workers in accordance with the Notice.

With distrust Workers Union of Management PT.Freeport Indonesia, so in today’s day meeting Wednesday, July 6, 2011 at the Administration Building of Kuala Kencana and Freeport as well as thousands of workers who struggle to walk from Tembagapura to Timika, the entire Workers’ demands and requested that the Supreme Leader Freeport McMoran James R. Moffett and Richard C. Adkerson soon came to Timika in Papua to meet and talk with the PUK SPSI PT Freeport Indonesia under the leadership SUDIRO Chairman.

On July 4, 2011 6:00 Thousands of workers had gathered at the Bus Terminal Bus Tembagapura waiting to escort workers to Timika. At 08:00 Hour Management PT.Freeport Indonesia will not provide bus transport, so that thousands of workers took the decision to walk away. In as far as 40 mile trip, many workers are thirsty, hungry, and tired. On the day evening Management PTFI send two buses to transport workers, but workers will be transported back to Tembagapura below, so that workers do not want to ride the bus and the workers told the other workers there apabilah workers no longer able to walk because of fatigue can increase the bus to return to Tembagapura.

Workers who thirst and hunger in the support by the Escort (PTFI Security Guard Unit) and Executive Board members Trade Unions and the PUK led by Union Chairman Sudiro (PUK SPSI PTFI).

Seeing the conditions that do not allow for workers who are tired, tired and sore feet that already then, at 18:00 Board of Trade Unions under the leadership of Chairman PUK SPSI Sudiro lobbied several parties to urgently provide transportation PTFI Management Bus.

At about 22:30 three (3) buses imported from Tembagapura to transport workers still on the trip and 15 buses imported from mile 28Timika to transport thousands of workers who had gathered at the check point Mile 50.

With tears and blood that comes out of the thousands of workers who walk as far as 80 km from Tembagapura to Timika, then we ask Mr.James R. Moffett and Mr.Richard C. Adkerson must come to Timika in Papua, to meet and talk with us. Any strike action PT.Freeport Indonesia thousands of workers have been extended to July 18, 2011.

Shocking footage emerges from Sunset Merona raids

Highly distressing video footage has emerged showing the aftermath of the Sunset Merona operation on West Papuan refugee settlements in Vanimo, Papua New Guinea earlier this year. The Sunset Merona operation was conducted by members of Papua New Guinea’s police and defence forces following heavy diplomatic pressure by the Indonesian authorities.

The footage provides compelling evidence of violation of the UN Charter for Refugees, and is being forwarded to the UN.

Highly distressed women and children are seen amongst the charred remains of their villages, and there are also interviews with those who fled describing what happened. More than 6 months on, many of these refugees are still hiding in the jungle with limited access to food, water and shelter.   The footage was filmed by Australian filmmaker David Fedele.

Please follow the link below to see this report.

If you are from a media organisation and would like to get access to further footage for national media reporting, please get back in touch to alezev(at)


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by Nick Chesterfield @

Monday July 10, 2011

Confirmed reports emerged on Sunday from Puncak Jaya, West Papua, that over 600 Indonesian Army (TNI) troops have been conducting daily full combat operations since July 4 in and around villages in the Tingginambut area.  Troops have reportedly attacked a series of villages said to be the refuge of the West Papuan Guerrilla leader Goliat Tabuni.

Troops from the notorious 753 Nabire battalion have reportedly surrounded the General Headquarters area of the West Papua National Liberation Army (TPN-PB) faction led by Tabuni, and have occupied several villages including Kalome, where three soldiers were shot by unknown assailants last Tuesday.  The Indonesian government news agency Antara reported that armed men stopped TNI soldiers from carrying out what it described as a “routine patrol” in Kalome village.  An exchange of fire occured – it is unclear who shot first – and three TNI were all struck by bullets to their arms sustaining non-life-threatening gunshot injuries.

According to reliable human rights activists in the immediate area, villagers in Kalome were rounded up and subject to harsh treatment by returning soldiers from 753Btn, and reportedly forced to watch as several houses were torched.  West Papua Media has been unable to verify these reports, but 753Btn has a well documented history of burning villages suspected of sympathies or harbouring TPN-PB.  (Extensive video footage of previous village burnings is available to any interested party).

Firefights have been occurring daily between TPN and TNI forces, with local sources describing it as “a 7-day shootout”.  “The current death toll, according to our intelligence data, is that Indonesia have killed 20 TPN fatalities, and according to reports from the field in Puncak Jaya, TPN have claimed five Indonesian military casualties”, said the source upon condition of anonymity.  Several civilian casualties have been reported, though exact figures are unconfirmed.  West Papua Media cannot at this stage confirm exact numbers.

Battalion 753, the battalion responsible for the well documented torture of West Papuan civilians and village burnings across Puncak Jaya in 2010 (including the infamous Tunaliwor Kiwo torture video), has been recently engaged in a much publicised heart-and-minds Bakti (Service) campaign, gardening and house-building cynically named “Love and Peace are Beautiful”, to mend the bridges damaged by the Army’s human rights abuses, torture and village burnings.  It was unclear whether this campaign was mending the houses that 753 had previously burnt down.

Puncak Jaya has been the scene of regular human rights abuses on civilians, with major combat operations ongoing since 2009.  TNI and BRIMOB paramilitary Police, as well as the Australian trained Detachment 88 counter-terrorist unit, have regularly targeted civilians whom they accuse of supporting the guerrilla TPN-PB of Tabuni.

Local sources have expressed fear to West Papua Media that their villages are being targeted for pacification and punitive operations after the failure of a much touted Social service campaign to heal the image of brutality that surrounds the 753 battalion.  It is feared by local activists that civilians are especially at risk as collective punishment for the potential escape of Tabuni’s forces, in a strategy by the TNI designed to flush out the TPN.

According to the adjutant of General Tabuni in a statement sent to West Papua Media, the purpose of the social activities by the TNI was to create a trojan horse for the eradication of armed resistance from Tabuni and his men.  “TNI’s Bakti social mission in Puncak Jaya is really a guise to avoid gross violations of human rights because the TNI Papua Commander was in the area and needed good press”.  According to the Jakarta Globe, the head of the Cenderawasih Military Command, Maj. Gen. Erfi Triassunu, said the TNI would provide psychiatrists to help residents traumatized by the widespread violence in the area.  The campaign was due to run from 2 May to 28 August, but almost all the troops who were building houses are now burning them down again, according to local sources.

Local human rights activists described the failure of this program being caused by the simple issue of trust.  “All their talk of caring for our human rights and welfare is shown to be a lie by this latest operation.  We have never trusted them, but now we trust them even less,” said the human rights worker, who cannot be named for his safety.

The TPN spokesperson was more blunt.  “People doubted the presence of top military who were proclaiming their victory in Puncak Jaya.  The TNI social service campaign is merely a shield.  It was evident from July 6,  that (these) military forces ….suddenly stopped and all directed to Tingginambut to conduct  military sweeps.  All TNI Bakti activities stopped completely. Since July 6 to the 8th all military forces here, with full combat equipment, have surrounded the headquarters of  TPN / OPM…. Tabuni is currently under siege”.

Reports of major abuse by Indonesian security forces in the West Papuan highlands are notoriously difficult to verify, as international human rights monitors and journalists are banned by the Indonesian government from travel to West Papua.

Please stay tuned to West Papua Media for more updates.

for media enquiries, please call +61450079

West Papua Media has been experiencing technical difficulties

West Papua media apologises for the lack of content in recent days.  We have been suffering from the equipment breakdown and slowdown that we warned of.

We will endeavour over the next few days to catch up on articles that we could not publish, including coverage of the Papua Peace Network conference proceedings in Jayapura last week.

Furthermore, our coverage of this conference will be under caveat, as we believe that Indonesian based reporting of this conference has been highly biased and non-factual, and has been falsely raising the hopes of ordinary West Papuans for a permanent peace solution.  It is our view that we will take this time to analyse the situation factually, and report on the opposing views as well as the supporting views.  This is especially important as several main sectors of Papuan society have boycotted the current process due to deep mistrust of its methodology.

However, we still need support to keep our work afloat.  Our last appeal for support only raised $25 out of a target of $25,000, so if you value independent journalism in West Papua, and if you value international coverage of independent journalism, please donate at our home page (big yellow button at top right) to keep us running.  Because the next equipment breakdown might be permanent.

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