Benny Giay shocked by death of Agus Alua, calls for MRP inauguration to be postponed

JUBI, 9 Apil, 2011

The chairman of the Synod of the KINGMI Church Papua, Dr Benny Giay said that the sudden death of Agus Alue Alua has come as a great shock not only to his family but to all West Papuans.

Agus Alua, the rector of the Theology College of Philosophy and
Theology, was a member of the last Majelis Rakyat Papua and his death occurred just as the second MRP was about to be sworn in, against the background of much controversy. [It is known too that although Agua Alua had been proposed as a member of the new MRP, his name was excluded under pressure from the government.]

‘Because the Indonesian government saw Agus Alua as a threat, they were not happy about him being a member of the new MPR. In the midst of all this, he died which has shocked us all,’ said Dr Giay.

He said that Agus Alua’s views were known to be opposed by the
government who regarded him as a separatist, which is why they did not want him to be chosen as a member of the new MRP.

Asked about what may have led to his death, Giay said he had frequently come under pressure from many sides, sometimes through messages on his cell phone or through direct terror threats.

All this is very likely to have been because of the decision adopted by the MRP at a meeting in 2010 when they adopted eleven recommendations, one of which called for a referendum in Papua about the status of Papua.

He said that the death of Agus should be seen as a crime against the basic rights of the Papuan people and aganst their rejection of special autonomy.

Dr Giay said that despite his death, the government was going ahead
with the inuguration of the new MRP although many were calling for this to be postponed, at the very least until after the period of mourning for the loss of Agus Alua.

He also called for all those who have been appointed to the new MRP to boycott the inauguration. He was hoping in particular that all 40
members from the Central Highlands would boycott the inauguration, out of respect for Agus Alua who was also from the Central Highlands.

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