Coalition to discuss failed special autonomy with Indonesian parliament

JUBI, 2 April 2011 

A coalition of Papuan organisations is due to hold a meeting with members of the DPR, the Indonesian parliament, on 4 April to discuss the special autonomy law.

Spokesman for the KRPBK, the United Coalition  of Papuan People for Justice, Selpius Bobii, said that this meeting would be held as a follow-up of their demonstrations in February  when they set 4 April as the deadline for their actions, if their demands had not been met.

On 22 February, the coalition organised a demonstration which rejected Special Autonomy, rejected the government’s programme called UP4B, programme to accelerate the development of Papua and West  Papua and rejection of the appointment of new members of the MRP, the Majelis Rakyat Papua.

Bobii said: ‘The deputy governor of Papua, Alex Hesegem, said on that occasion that our demo declaring that Special Autonomy had failed was right in what it said. We are now acting on the basis of what the deputy governor said at the time.’

As JUBI has reported, the KRPBK has held a number of demonstrations rejecting Special Autonomy and the UP4B programme as well as the newly appointed MRP, but members of the MRP have been appointed and are now waiting to be sworn in to office.

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