Karma continues his hunger strike; KomnasHAM unable to visit Filep and Buchtar

via Tabloid JUBI, 9 December 2010

Karma continues his hunger strike
The political prisoner, Filep Karma has said that he will continue with
his hunger strike, not taking food or drink, until he is returned to
Abepura Prison in Jayapura.

‘I will continue with my hunger strike until I am returned by the
police,’ he said when he met with JUBI. He said he was very
disappointed with the way he was being treated, being accused with
Buchtar Tabuni of causing a riot in the prison last Friday, 3 December.

‘There is no justification for all this treatment towards us,’ he said.

According to JUBI who met him at the police headquarters, even though he is on hunger strike, he looks healthy and keeps smiling.

The head of the District Office of the Department of Law and Human
Rights, Nazaruddin Bunas said that Karma and Tabuni were transferred to police custody because they were the ones who were behind the rioting in Abepura Prison, which is why they are at present in police custody.

The director of Abepura Prison said that he knows nothing about the
transfer of the two prisoners.


JUBI, 8 December 2010

KomnasHAM unable to visit Filep and Buchtar

The deputy head of the National Human Rights Commission in Jakarta, M. Ridah Saleh has expressed his disappointment at not being able to meet Filep Karma and Buchtar Tauni and regrets the fact that their families are not being given access, either

‘The police told us that we should make contact with the prison, even
though we have been given permission to meet them by the police (in
police custody),’ said Ridah Saleh.

He said that the rights of prisoners should be fully protected and
KomnasHAM and members of their families should be given the opportunity to visit the two men. Access to them must not be closed’

Their rights to get medical treatment must also be respected, to avoid
any further problems.

Members of their families are also hoping for access because this is in
accordance with the procedures. This should also apply to the other
three prisoners.

Before going to the police, they had paid a visit to the direskrim
(criminal investigation) where they met Petrus Waine, who said that
KomnasHAM could come and discuss the matter of there being no access to the two prisoners but when they arrived there, no disreskrim people were available to meet them.

‘This is very disappointing indeed, because we were given a promise but when we went there, there was no one who wanted to meet us to discuss this matter.’

The plan of KomnasHAM to visit Filep and Buchtar also had to be
abandoned because these two political prisoners had been moved away from Abepura Prison.

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